JiveTalk for iPhone: First Look

JiveTalk for iPhone: First Look



After you log in, you see your buddy list. If you have multiple IM accounts (AIM and Yahoo, for example), your buddies are grouped together.


Typing and chatting (below) on JiveTalk looks just like SMS on the iPhone.


TwitterIM was the only "responsive" buddy we had at midnight last night.


JiveTalk seems to have the interface down, an advantage it has over Meebo. Eventually, we were able to chat with three different people without a hitch.


To try JiveTalk on your iPhone, launch Safari and go to iphone.beejive.com. Try it when your buddies are awake.




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The application looks very nice but the important question is: can you receive phone calls while you are using this application? Since this works through the web browser I am really wondering is whether or not an EDGE phone on the AT&T network is capable of using the EDGE data connection and receiving phone calls at the same time.

If it isn't then most chat applications will be useless. On the EVDO data network (Sprint and Verizon) you are capable of receiving calls while using the data connection. However, on the older 1xRTT that Sprint and Verizon still use in some areas your calls will go straight to voice mail if you are using the data connection.


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