Jobs on the Air and Updates Galore

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Jobs on the Air and Updates Galore


The Mac Daddy?: CNBC scored an exclusive interview with Mr. Jobs. Steve is spreading his RDF to cable TV. They tried to get Jobs to talk about an updated iPhone, no dice, and he squashed the China iPhone rumors.


So many updates: After Steve left the expo stage Apple unleashed a torrent of software updates. The best part, most of them are free.


Apple Store achtung: Apple is reportedly getting ready to open an Apple retail store in Santa Barbara replacing a Pier 1. Wicker and candles replaced by iPhones sounds good. In addition to Santa Barbara, Apple is looking to open a German Apple store in Munich. If this happens it will be only the second store in continental Europe.


Apple TV and Apple TV?: Richard Doherty, the research director of Envisioneering, (That's the raddest tech assessment firm name ever btw.) believes that Apple will eventually introduce it's own line of television sets. He cites that most people don't want a set-top box.


To the left you will see...: Still have questions about the MacBook Air? Take the guided tour.


And finally: If you're lucky enough to be at the expo today look for Robbie as he brings the Mac|Life mobile booth to the masses. Tall red-headed guy wearing a Mac|Life T-shirt. You can't miss him.



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he still looks like a hippy...


imagine engine

Instead of fixing the Time Machine bug in OS X Leopard which doesn't allow the application to see networked drives over WLAN Apple instead wants customers to toss their router and drives to buy Time Capsule. A product that doesn't allow easily swapping the drive so if it fails you'll need to send in for repair thus losing both router and backup drive. Anothe solution less costly is to install the free software which helps Time Machine see networked hard drives over WLAN. I don't know why Apple couldn't figure this out on their own.


Digital Jim

Is Time Capsule a real router? Can you do port forwarding on it and other real router type things?

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