John Lennon on iTunes, Mac Benchmarks, Leopard News, and More

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John Lennon on iTunes, Mac Benchmarks, Leopard News, and More

"Instant Karma" just got a little more instant: John Lennon's solo works have made it to the iTunes Store! (Still no Beatles, but with both John and Paul onboard, our guess is that the Fab Four can't be far behind.) Starting today, 16 of Lennon's EMI albums are available in both 99-cent regular versions and $1.29 DRM-free iTunes Plus versions. Some albums include exclusive videos if you buy within the first 30 days.


In Mac news: AppleWorks is officially gone, and its former page on Apple's site now redirects to iWork '08. Primate Labs has some benchmarks for the new aluminum iMacs and the Core 2 Duo Mac minis. Bare Feats has also posted some benchmarks for gaming and graphics performance. On the Leopard (aka Mac OS 10.5) front, Apple is asking developers for feedback, requesting that they compare the most recent Leopard build with the current Tiger system (OS 10.4.10). Think Secret has a new gallery of Leopard screenshots, and OS Weekly reports that Leopard has received UNIX 03 certification (and explains what that means). And this isn't strictly Mac-related, but did you know that CRT monitors use less power when displaying black webpages than when displaying white ones, like Google? Not so with LCDs, however.


And some iPhone tidbits: Check out this concept video showing how cut-and-paste could work. (The voiceover is hilarious, BTW.) Publisher HarperCollins is setting up a site where you can read book excerpts on your iPhone. iPod Observer has some quick tips and tricks for getting around the interface. Shape Services' new site, (viewable on the iPhone or in Safari), lets you log in to your Skype account and make calls using SkypeOut credits (which aren't free, but are a great deal for international calls, or if you've used up your anytime minutes). And the first native iPhone game, Lights Off, is now available, although you have to hack your iPhone to install it.



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Since the new Core 2Duo and Extreme iMacs have the new "professional" look to them, you shouldn't be using them for games anyhow. In other words, "Get to work, we don't pay you for goofing off!"

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