Keep Your Formatting Palettes in Check

Keep Your Formatting Palettes in Check

It seems to happen sometime when you go to a lower screen resolution. But sometimes it happens for no reasons at all. Your Word and Excel formatting palettes move off the screen causing a massive headache. It's a pain but here's a couple ways to fix the issue.


If your palette moved when you dropped screen resolution, just increase the resolution, move the palette to the center of the screen and switch back to the lower resolution. In other cases, you can restore the palette with a simple Visual Basic ActionScript.


From within Excel or Word, go to Tools > Macro > Visual Basic Editor. Next, click on View > Immediate Window. This will open a window Where you can enter the following lines:


Application.Commandbars("Formatting Palette").Position = msoBarFloating

Application.CommandBars("Formatting Palette").Top = 100

Application.CommandBars("Formatting Palette").Left = 100


If you did it properly, you shouldn't see any notifications. Finally, hit Option-F11 or push the Word or Excel button (depending on which program you're in) and the formatting palette should be 100 pixels from the top and left of the screen.


Your VBA should look something like this.


If you prefer to fix this problem with AppleScript, follow these simple instructions. First, open the Script Editor (/Applications/AppleScript/Script Editor) and type:


tell application "Microsoft Word" -- or "Microsoft Excel"

tell command bar "formatting palette"

set visible to true

set {top, left position} to {100, 100}

end tell

end tell


Finally, hit the Compile button and then Run. Your palette should be visible now.


If you prefer the path of AppleScript, you should aim for something along these lines.




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I followed the instructions set out above (using VBA) and the formatting palette did reappear. However, it has changed significantly: whilst the palette is a long narrow box, all its contents now read vertically rather than horizontally which is a nightmare to read. Equally when you expand each section, the palette it too big for the screen. Any ideas?!?

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