Kevin Rose Spills More iPhone Rumors

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Kevin Rose Spills More iPhone Rumors


Digg co-founder, Kevin I-Love-Beer Rose, is dropping more iPhone rumors on the masses with a Twitter posting today.


"another person confirming iphone rumors w/me (high lvl VP at a big company that works w/Apple) - 'it will ship in June w/3G and GPS'"


Kevin recently shared some iPhone rumors during his Diggnation podcast. He claims the new iPhone will have 3G, a camera that be can be directed towards the front or back of the iPhone and have two-way video chat ability.


BTW, if you're the VP who leaked this info. Watch out, Steve's probably looking for you about now. He can smell fear.




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Anonymous Coward

So if I'm a high-level VP at a company that works with Apple, how likely am I to talk to him now that he's spilled the beans once? No way am I going to risk my stock options for him....



I have a hard time believing that any rumor being spread is a "leak." I believe the rumors but I think that they purposely let info out to create interest. The only harm it does is slow iphone sales for the next few months while us edorks wait for the new release. Then, at release we know exactly what we are getting. Otherwise it'll take days or even weeks to fully understand what is newly re-packaged. Besides, if someone was going to buy the iphone they would have already generally speaking. Do you really think Apple employees are going to risk their jobs for you? Have you seen their stock lately? Just tell us what we can expect from the new iphone "pro" so we can sync it up to our ical to remind if we're going to forget. BTW, I'm hoping for a memory jump along with the 3G. 16 Gigs? Really? My desktop has half that in RAM.



Ha! Big deal!! Some rumor!!! Kevin is just saying what is obvious to anybody remotely interested in the iPhone. Its a given that there will be a 3g iPhone this year. Its only a question of when its gonna be released.

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