Keyboard Shortcut Question

Keyboard Shortcut Question

We’ve assigned a whole bunch of hot keys in Keyboard Maestro to help us perform different tasks, such as pressing Control-4 to increase the system volume.


I have an old Macally keyboard without volume keys. I can’t find anything in System Preferences that allows me to reassign keys for increasing and decreasing volume in Mac OS X. Can you suggest some way of doing it?


Although Mac OS X doesn’t give you the built-in ability to reassign keys on your keyboard to control your system volume, there are plenty of keyboard macro programs that let you assign keyboard shortcuts for countless functions on your computer, including controlling your system volume.


Keyboard Maestro ($20, and QuicKeys X3 ($79.95, can both let you automate lengthy tasks, launch applications, control iTunes, click buttons or choose menus on the screen, modify the contents of your clipboard—pretty much anything you can imagine.


These programs provide a variety of ways to trigger your shortcuts, such as hot keys, timers, and application launches. QuicKeys X3 offers even more functionality than Keyboard Maestro, including the ability to record actions that you perform on your computer for playback at a later time.




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Spark is free, and does most of the things the utilities mentioned do. (just got the new apple keyboard BTW. It rocks!) This might be the first time someone's ever said this, but APPLE KEYBOARD FTW!!!



I totally agree with the spark statement! I use spark every day. I LOVE it!

It is probably one of the most important programs I've installed. I'm so glad it's Universal!!!!! Oh, and, it's free! $0!

Spark > Awesome.

Get spark here.

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