Keynote Leaked?! And More on the Movie Deals, Free NetNewsWire, and John Mayer

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Keynote Leaked?! And More on the Movie Deals, Free NetNewsWire, and John Mayer


MWSF 2008 Keynote: Fake It Till Steve Makes It? (aka, SPOILER ALERT!) So, supposedly, the Mac Expo keynote has been leaked and posted on Wikipedia. We're not super confident in its authenticity - every single keynote leak in history has been a fake. And would Apple admit to "accidentally" releasing the iPod games early, or simply triumphantly crow about how amazing they are?


Anyway, Speaking of the Keynote, let's not forget the truly important thing to speculate about: Who will the musical guest be? The song and dance that keeps the journalists and Apple faithful stuck in their seats while, behind a curtain somewhere, the switches are thrown to put whatever Steve told us about up on The Mac|Life staff is still holding out hope for Jay-Z, but Macenstein has a disturbing piece of intel: John Mayer's got a (conveniently Mac Expo-sized) hole in his touring schedule. God help us all.


FairPlay on Fox, Movies on iTunes: Yep, another spoiler. AppleInsider "has been able to confirm" that iTunes 7.6, expected to be announed at the keynote, will indeed have movie rentals. MacRumors agrees. Seems that a tipster got an early copy of a Family Guy DVD scheduled for release on 1/15, aka Keynote Day. That DVD came with a digital copy compatible with iTunes, although it also required iTunes 7.6. So this probably means that Apple has licensed the FairPlay DRM to Fox. And Bloomberg also reports that Warner Bros., Paramount, Disney, and Lions Gate, along with Fox, will have rental movies available in iTunes 7.6. Will this fix everything that's wrong with renting movies online? Fire up the popcorn popper; we're about to find out.


NetNewsWire Goes Free (as in Beer). NetNewsWire 3.1 is now free, along with other NewsGator products FeedDemon, NewsGator Inbox, and NewsGator Go! This is good news for anyone who needs a really awesome RSS reader for the Mac. But Rogue Amoeba sees a couple problems. One: "It's a good bet that a free NetNewsWire has killed the paid RSS reader market on the Mac." (We thought Google Reader did that already.) And two: "The perceived value of software on the Mac just went down." Do you agree?


It's Like the Apple TV on Steroids. In today's "Oooh, Neat" file: The "hacking encouraged" Neuros OSD can do everything you wish the Apple TV could do, like recording shows straight from a TV to an iPod, among other feats. Seriously, it looks rad.



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Hellooo... the Mac Pro has already been updated, and you think it's going to be updated again during the Keynote? Give me a break, this must be a fake.



The leaked text has been removed, so here it is again from the archives. Enjoy.

Leaked 2008 Keynote

MacWorld January 2008 Keynote
Rough Outline; draft 5

Greetings! Welcome to Moscone Center
Quick Overview: iPod/iTunes
- iPod has been extremely profitable for us this holiday season
- Sales figures, market share
- Our new models are doing better than ever
- 3 iPod games released last month accidentally (supposed to be for today)
- Another new game today: Chess
- iTunes doing extremely well (sales figures/market share)
- Today: 30 indie labels releasing their entire catalogs in iTunes Plus
- Many more to follow in the next few months

- Best iPod ever
- Sales figures, market share
- Sales beyond our wildest dreams
- Much more than the 1% market share we asked for in January
- Starting today: 8GB $399, 16GB $499
- Four times the memory as original iPhone for the same price
- iPhone is coming to Japan in March with NTT DoCoMo
- SDK is unveiled!

iPhone/iPod Touch SDK
- Apps and Widgets
- Using Cocoa with Objective-C
- Developers submit programs as source code, not executable
- Specify iPhone or both iPhone/Touch (certain features iPhone only)
- Set your own price: Apps $0-$6.99, Widgets $0-$2.99
- Users buy/download in iTunes Wi-Fi Store / iTunes Store (Mac/PC)
- Automatic updating wirelessly or docked

- Demonstration of exporting from XCode 3 to iTunes Store
- Submits source code to Apple for validation (make sure that people aren't abusing the system, prevent malware and viruses)
- If using microphone or GSM, iPhone only; otherwise, available for both iPhone and iPod Touch
- Apps can be free or up to $6.99; Widgets free or up to $2.99
- Developers recieve 70% of revenue for their products
- Licensed under Apple Mobile Software License
- Can download wirelessly from iTunes Wi-Fi Store or docked to computer from iTunes Store
- Demonstration of wirelessly downloading (and running) the app submitted earlier
- Apps and widgets can be rearranged on front screen; front screen scrolls to show all apps/widgets
- Resubmit updated versions of apps; when added to store, iPhone/Touch will ask you to update it next time you use it (or next time you dock the iPhone/Touch)
- Developers can get their hands on a beta version of the SDK tomorrow on ADC and start developing; final version due early February
- iTunes 7.6 and iPhone/iPod Touch Software update 1.3 allowing for Apps mid-February

Example apps/widgets
- iChat (coming with 1.3 update) (AIM, Jabber/Google Talk)
-- Quick demonstration
- RSS Feed Reader (coming with 1.3 update) (read feeds online or off)
- One of our partners made something cool: (scrobble tracks played on iPhone/touch wirelessly without syncing w/ computer)
- Dictionary (coming with 1.3 update) (quickly look up words, translate, use wikipedia)
-- Quick demonstration
- Yellow/White Book (coming with 1.3 update) (search for contacts, add them to your address book directly from the app, will sync back with address book on your Mac/PC)
- Sports Ticker (coming with 1.3 update) (choose your sports and teams, get updates on their progress)
- Another partner: Twitter (update your Twitter on the fly, see your friends tweets)

- Try these out on the show floor today

- Sales are getting better and better every day
- Hardware sales figures/market share
- Leopard released October; doing spectacularly
- Sales figures/market share
- Selling extremely well; estimated to overtake Tiger in terms of marketshare by June if you only count the new Macs that come with it preinstalled; even quicker if you include boxed copies
- 10.5.2 out today - many bug fixes, also addressing a lot of issues and complaints users had such as list view with stacks and certain HIG non-compliance issues

New MacBooks!
- What would MacWorld be without a new Mac? (sorry about last year)
- Completely redesigned MacBook
- Completely aluminum body like MacBook Pro
- 13" screen at 1440x900
- Two colors: Black and Silver
- Looks gorgeous at 0.8" thin
- A major feat of engineering - patents abound
- DVD drive pops open on side when eject button is pressed
- New on all notebooks and iMac: iSight HD (720p)
- New backlit keyboard based on recent Apple Keyboard revisions (keys slightly lighter than that of laptop casing, colorwise)
- New matching MagSafe cable (Aluminum ends, cord color matches that of keyboard)
- New matching Apple Remote (slightly smaller with larger overall buttons)
- Intel GMA X3100 graphics
- 3 models

- Completely phasing out the combo drive on all product lines today
- BTO models can upgrade all the way to 2.6GHz/4GB Memory/320GB hard drive
- 4.5 hours of battery life
- Starting at $1199

Product Refreshes
- Refreshing Mac Pro and Mac mini today
- Mac Pro now with Penryn!
- Base model 2x2.8GHz dual-core/1GB/NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB/250GB(1x250GB)/1x16x double-layer SuperDrive
- Upgradeable to 2x3.2GHz quad-core/16GB/NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 512MB/4TB(4x1TB)/2x16x double-layer SuperDrives
- Starting at $2,499
- Mac mini gets slight speed bumps and double-layer SuperDrive in all models
- Base model 2.0GHz IC2D/1GB/100GB
- BTO Upgradeable to 2.4GHz IC2D/4GB/320GB
- Starting at $599

One More Thing
- Been brewing for a while
- YouTube's been in Apple TV and iPhone/iPod touch: now it's in iTunes
- Download YouTube videos straight to iTunes or from iPhone/iPod Touch for later offline viewing (sync back to computer)
- Coming in iTunes 7.6 and iPhone/iPod Touch 1.3 updates

Thanks for coming, and enjoy the expo!



now there's some convincingly satiric garbage plus some delicious wishful thinking.

if i wrote that i'd have added for my wishes:

- all macs get (at least!) 512 graphics cards
- all macs get shipped with tiger and a leopard disk you can install once it
hits 10.5.3
- apple renounces ipod/iphone/itouch/ifridge/isofa/...spends billions
developing and building computers

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