Keyspan's TuneView: Recently Reviewed, Now Updated

Keyspan's TuneView: Recently Reviewed, Now Updated

When we reviewed KeySpan's TuneView for iPod remote in our April issue, we liked its display which guides you through your playlists as you navigate your iPod from afar, along with the fantastic range of that afarness. We were less happy with its somewhat clunky appearance, its hard-to-press buttons, and hefty price tag.


Today, KeySpan released a firmware upgrade for the TuneView that ramps up the scrolling speed of its LCD display, improves wake-from-sleep performance, and adds a helpful song-sorting feature that jumps to the first letter of a song's name in a long list.


You can download the new TuneView firmware from Keyspan, then update your TuneView for iPod by connecting the remote to your Mac’s USB port and running the downloaded software.


It's still clunky-looking, however.




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