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The King of All Media


Point iTunes to the music on your network drive.


To store your iTunes library on a network, move your iTunes Music folder to the network volume, go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > General, click Change, and select the iTunes Music folder’s new location. Repeat the Preferences step for every Mac on your network, and authorize them to play any protected purchases from the iTunes Store. Some network drives, such as the Synology DS107+, can act as an iTunes server, meaning it shows up on your network as a Mac running iTunes, making its playlists available to other Macs.



If you see this error, it means another user has already opened the shared iPhoto library.


You can share an iPhoto ’08 library over a network, but since the photos are stored in a package file, only one user at a time can open the library. Be sure to keep a good backup in case the package file gets corrupted. You might also experience lag when editing high-resolution photos, depending on your network speed. To share your iPhoto pics, copy the library to your network drive, select that drive in the Finder, and press Command-I. In the File Info viewer, under Ownership & Permissions, check the box next to “Ignore ownership on this volume.” Finally, launch iPhoto while holding down the Option key. iPhoto will ask for the location of your new library, and you’ll navigate to it on your network drive. Repeat the final step for each Mac on your network.


Front Row

The alias in our Mac’s Movies folder will point Front Row to additional movie files on the network drive.


The aforementioned iTunes tricks will automatically make music accessible from Front Row. To share non-iTunes movie files, first copy them to a folder on your network drive. Then, Control-click or right-click that networked movie folder and select Make Alias. Drag the alias to the Movies folder inside your Mac’s home folder, and Front Row will follow the alias to your network drive.




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