LapWorks Laptop Desk Futura

LapWorks Laptop Desk Futura

The Futura folds into a notebook stand for your desk.


A 2004 State University of New York study showed that men have an increased risk of sterility if they use a notebook computer resting on the lap. The heat from notebooks affects sperm count negatively.


We bring up this study because if we really wanted to test the effectiveness of laptop trays such as the Laptop Desk Futura, our testing would be based on the 2004 study. We’d find a willing participant, take a sperm count as a baseline, then let him use the Laptop Desk Futura and a MacBook Pro (a 17-incher, just to make sure we cover enough area) for, say, a month, and then we’d take a sperm count. Then we’d make our test subject use the MacBook Pro without the Laptop Desk Futura for a month, and then take a sperm count. We’d compare the results to see if the tray makes a difference.


But we had no luck in finding a willing test subject. Quite frankly, the testing methodology is …well, we were uncomfortable just writing about it. We’re sure we made you uncomfortable, too. We’re sorry. Instead, we decided to see if there’s a considerable difference in comfort after about an hour of MacBook Pro use with and without the Laptop Desk Futura.


There is a difference, as you probably predicted. The plastic Laptop Desk Futura makes a world of difference, even with the vent holes. Without the tray, our MacBook Pro got pretty toasty. After about 30 minutes, the discomfort was unbearable. With the Laptop Desk Futura, we could’ve gone all day. The tray doesn’t have any protrusions that poke you and there are plastic pads to help grip your notebook.


You can also fold the Laptop Desk Futura in half, flip out the kick stand to prop up the top half, and rest your MacBook on top for a notebook stand on your desk. Fold it completely in half, and you can slip the tray into a backpack or bag, easily.


The bottom line. If you can’t take the heat, use a Laptop Desk Futura. Or a pillow. Or a book. Or a couple of back issues of Mac|Life.




PRICE: $29.95

REQUIREMENTS: Mac notebook

Doubles as a notebook stand. Well constructed.

May feel too big for 13-inch or smaller Mac notebooks.






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As mentioned at the end of the review, using a large stout book (what else are you using that thesaurus for?) is a reasonable substitute for a lap desk.

A pillow, however, is not. Pillows and other thick, pad-like surfaces (such as bedspreads or carpets) hold heat in against the laptop, cutting off circulation and venting of hot air. This could lead to a rise in heat that could lead to serious damage to the computer.



Good point, Dave. Thanks!

Roman Loyola

Reviews Editor, Mac|Life

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