Le Cheaper iPhone, Google My Location and Music Industry Musings

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Le Cheaper iPhone, Google My Location and Music Industry Musings


French Orange deal: The unlocked iPhone will be sold by French mobile operator, Orange, for €749 ($1,103). Sure it seems like a lot, but it's a steal compared to Germany's €999 ($1,472) unlocked iPhone.


Google knows 'My Location': Google Maps for mobile has added a My Location feature which triangulates your position based on cell towers. Before the paranoia sets in, no user data is retained when when the feature is utilized.


Carphone Warehouse misleads customers: The UK's largest mobile retailer has been caught hoodwinking its iPhone customers by a BBC underground watchdog group appropriately named, "Watchdog."


Steve interview clip: Steve makes us all giddy about technology in this 60 Minutes clip.


The rise of the MP3: A great article about Universal CEO Doug Morris for anyone interested in the mindset of the music industry.


Jermaine Dupri rails against singles and iTunes: Little did you know, singles are destroying the music industry.


Mary j: Speaking of music, check out the new iPod ad featuring Mary J. Blige. No one tell Jermaine Dupri and Doug Morris she did this.


GHIII ready to rock: Guitar Hero III for the Mac has finally gone gold. The guitar-based game should ship to retailers December 10th.




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does googles "my location" work w/ the iphone yet? Is it basically like a GPS?


Roberto Baldwin

Not yet, but I'm guessing it'll be ready for the iPhone at the begining of January for the Expo.

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