Leak: Apple Memo Prepares the Retail Employees

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Leak: Apple Memo Prepares the Retail Employees



Apple doesn't send its brave retail employees into the trenches without proper training. To prepare the Apple Army, the company has issued an internal document outlining how to deal with customers on July 11.


AppleInsider allegedly got its hands on the internal memo and reports that Apple isn't leaving any inane customer question to chance. For starters, employees have been told:


- The iPhone 3G will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.


- There will be no Personal Shopping sessions offered by Apple stores until later into the 3G’s debut.


- Customers can buy several 3G units for their business, if they use a consumer rate plan. Those with a corporate plan are to purchase the iPhone from the AT&T store.


- If questioned about the price discrepancy between the iPhone and iPod touch employees are to respond, "iPhone 3G is offered at such a terrific price because, like most cell phones, it requires a 2-year carrier contract."


Here are a few things not to ask your friendly neighborhood Apple employee.


- Don’t ask if you’ll be able to upgrade to a 3G at a discounted price. The store rep will just tell you that he doesn’t have any information.


- Don’t ask what the point is behind the iPod touch, or if the price will lower.


- Don’t ask any of the Mac reps about detailed rate plans. Chances are they have no idea.


Apple is allegedly planning to hold worldwide retail meetings on July 6 to share the official launch plans with employees.





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I asked myself the same question until I got my iPod touch subsidized my a new Mac. As a Verizon customer, the iPhone was a pipe dream and since my two Verizon numbers equal just about what AT&T monthly fee is, I wasn't tempted. The iTouch has brought me into the touch realm without the large monthly fee. I'll happily pay the $9.95 upgrade once a year. That's the purpose of the touch.



While a lot of folks want a device that does it all, a lot of us already have phone service and don't want to change it until the contract runs out, if ever.

The iPod Touch fits the bill nicely. It does most of the things the iPhone does, without making calls on a network we don't like.

I, too, am a Verizon customer, and very happy with their coverage and reliability (if not their phone devices). I would switch to an iPhone 3G if it worked on Verizon without a jailbreak.

It will be interesting to see whether Apple allows any sort of iChat-like or Skype-like communications on the iPhone or Touch... My best hope is that in a "wireless Internet everywhere" world of the future, the current telcos go the way of the dinosaur. It'll never happen, but VoIP on a Touch or an iPhone connected with WiFi or a wide area wireless Internet service would make perfect sense.



It seams that the current point behind the ipod touch is to help sell macs, as a few people I know have recently bought macs, all with free ipod touches. High five student discount!



Yep!! I bought an iMac using my staff education discount and got a free 8GB Touch. "The check's in the mail!" whoo hoo! Score one for edu discount!

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