Lego Star Wars II

Lego Star Wars II

Didn't Leia have pigtails in Return of the Jedi?


An idea that seems to have been more likely spawned at a late-night, beer-filled party than between two major corporate brands, Lego Star Wars II re-creates the original Star Wars trilogy with Lego characters playing the roles. Dozens of them are formed in the same basic plastic shape, and even spaceships and other items are built with the classic bricks, scattering apart when destroyed. Answering, “Why not?” to our dumbfounded, “Why?” this strange juxtaposition laughs at itself, creating a game that’s often funny as well as fun.


Cut-scenes and in-game moments cover major movie events from an angled 3D perspective. The animation carries the game, with defeated Stormtroopers popping apart at their Lego joints, and cut-scenes telling the story with pantomime and expressive faces.


The game is permeated by this approach - aiming is automatically enhanced, and players just reappear after dying - making it ideal for quick, casual sessions. Some areas feature vehicles, like X-Wings blowing up the Death Star, and while the variety is enjoyable, the controls are terrible and the ships take a lot of effort to maneuver.


The game relies on teamwork and the strengths of certain characters. Players often swap between AI-controlled group characters programmed to open specific doors. We had the most fun replacing the often-inept AI teammates with a friend at the same Mac; a second gamer can join or leave anytime. Unfortunately, however, you can’t play online.


The bottom line. While we were regularly frustrated by not knowing where to go next, the fun moments offset the drawbacks.


COMPANY: Feral Interactive


PRICE: $40
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4 or later, 3GB disk space

Quick-moving levels and story. A friend can join or leave at any time. Terrific animation and humor. Deeply re-creates Star Wars moments. Universal binary.

Confusing vehicle controls. Can’t play online with a friend. Frequent moments of not knowing where to go next. AI teammates fairly dim.





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