Lemke Software GraphicConverter 6.0

Lemke Software GraphicConverter 6.0

GraphicConverter won’t replace Photoshop for image editing, but its conversion and batch-processing tools are hard to beat.


Graphics professionals need to go get GraphicConverter. Now. What are you waiting for? “A few good reasons,” you say? OK, that’s sensible.


As its name implies, GraphicConverter’s main purpose is to help you open files and convert them to different formats. As is the way of technology, new file formats appear, and fortunately, the software has kept up with the times. GraphicConverter opens about 200 file formats and converts to 80 of them, so it’s a pretty safe bet that the software can open any graphic file you throw at it.


With each iteration, GraphicConverter has developed into more than a file converter. It has a set of image editing and effects tools, through it’s no Photoshop in this regard. The software can also create thumbnail sheets for print and Web galleries, and it can import photos from digital cameras (with support for RAW—yay!) and host TWAIN scanners.


Version 6.0 makes working with Web graphics a little easier. You can edit images to add hotlinks for Web use, and the new Save For Web dialog gives you a neat, centralized place to optimize Web graphics. There’s room for development here—we’d rather see the ability to constrain to width or height instead of just longest side, for example—but it’s undeniably handy.


The software also adds basic layer support, integration with Google Earth for geotagging, and some support for Microsoft’s new HD Photo file format. The batch converter, which is second to none, has been beefed up with more Automator actions that boost the app’s workflow automation abilities.


The bottom line. For what you get in GraphicConverter, the software is a bargain. It’s a must-buy for serious graphics work.


COMPANY: Lemke Software

CONTACT: www.lemkesoft.com
PRICE: $44.95 (box), $34.95 (download)

REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.4.4 or later

Excellent format support and batch processing. Rich feature set. Supports slideshows and Web galleries. Universal binary.

Needs a facelift.





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Does this product compare to photofiltre for Windows? I used to have a PC and I used to have Photofiltre but it does not run on a Mac so I'm looking for an alternative. Would this be a good choice?



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Thanks, it's really useful...
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1) Great pre-sorting graphic files utility befor you're import your images; 2) Fast and simple pre-viewer to lossless купить мобильный телефон в Днепропетровске jpegs/select the best ones; 3) Fast and flexible batch converter. Yap



I'm use GraphicConverter since 2004 (then it was a standard utility for all PowerBooks, before iPhoto came).

This is a must have, even if you are using iPhoto/Aperture as I am, because:

1) Great pre-sorting graphic files utility befor you're import your images;
2) Fast and simple pre-viewer to lossless rotate jpegs/select the best ones;
3) Fast and flexible batch converter.

Last: I tried to use much more viewers with a nearly the same declaration and every time turned back to GC - this one just better.



Lemke Cadintosh
Sorry it's Cadintosh that isn't working in Leopard



Doesn't work in Leopard 10.5 in 2 ghz intel imac. Lines don't draw in real time

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