Leopard Killing MacBook Pro Keyboards, Google Releases Android SDK, and More

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Leopard Killing MacBook Pro Keyboards, Google Releases Android SDK, and More


Leopard Can Kill...Keyboards: Some MacBook Pro owners who upgraded to Leopard have reported experiencing "dead" keyboards, and so far the best fix is to reboot. There's a thread on Apple's Discussion board detailing the problem as well.

Help on the Way? Think Secret, um, thinks it knows a secret: The first Leopard update, Mac OS 10.5.1, will be out soon. Let's hope they're right, and it fixes a healthy gaggle of these Leopard bugs.


Android Unleashed: Google has released an early software development kit and demo videos for Android, its recently announced operating system for mobile phones. Android's browser is based on the WebKit rendering platform, just like Safari. The OS should start appearing in commercial mobile phones in the second half of 2008. Here's more about Android and the Google Phone business model.


Kudos for the iMac: BusinessWeek gives the iMac 4.5 stars and calls it "the machine to beat if you want an all-in-one desktop computer." But don't really beat one, because you might break it.


And the Zune's Damning by Faint Praise: Walt Mossberg reviews the retooled Microsoft Zune, calling it "notably better" than the first-gen offering, but "it's still no iPod." (And the software is still Windows-only, so you probably couldn't care less. Maybe this tale from a switcher will be more interesting. No? Sorry, slow news day...)


Hackers' Delight: Lifehacker has posted directions for building a PC for $800 that can run a patched version of Leopard. But if building PCs ain't your bag, baby, Dan over at Low End Mac can show you how to crack open two busted eMacs and combine their parts into a single working machine. eMashup, baby, yeah.



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I've been a huge fan of the iPod touch and often get my free iPod downloads which is something absolutely amazing, but I would like to make a note that every problem cant be fixed instantly, thats why its a beta afterall.



I wan to say that most of the APPLE products are good and the users dont have much problem with them. I have an Ipod and i usually make Ipod downloads on it. Apple is a company after all and the employees or the developers cant do everything so it will be better if they could let escape with problem, i am sure they will find solutions to it.



Not sure the issue is Leopard for me - it started the day after I downloaded the firmware upgrade for the MBP. Keyboard, track pad, & even USB problems. Intermittently unresponsive, but increasingly common as days have passed.

BTW - the issue occurs both in Leopard and in Windows XP under Boot Camp. No keyboard, no track pad, no recognition of my USB flash drive.

The Apple phone support rep.had me remove the battery and hold down the power key for 5 seconds. After that, the keyboard worked and the issue was proclaimed solved.

Not really. I actually upgraded to Leopard a few days later hoping that would solve my problems. Still have problems. Only thing that works is rebooting (sometimes works) and removing battery, etc.

Beginning to regret my MBP purchase, frankly. This is really disappointing. Glad I have Apple Care.



it's NOT Leopard, it's the keyboard!!! Look at all the pre-Leopard posts!!!!



Though developing for a phone sounds like fun, the current SDK is only compiled to run on intel macs. The discussion groups suggest there are issues getting the software to run on PPC macs for whatever weird java/ppc/mac/google related reason. No suggested date on when that software may be available.


Mac Intosh

I noticed the same problem on MBP @ the Apple Stores too.



Seems like Apple might have wanted to test for something as basic as the keyboard problem. Part of the Apple sales pitch is beautifully integrated software and hardware from the same vendor...

That said, I'm the proud papa of a new 24" 2.8ghz iMac, my first Apple product other than my iPod (and now Shuffle). I had no switching problems, and love the OS. The glossy screen, however, gave me headaches, and I found an easy $30 fix that works well: an anti-glare screen protector. Mine's from PhotoDon and was pre-cut to be a perfect fit for the iMac, even with a spot for the iSight camera.

The only downside is that whites are a big grainy, but I wouldn't say more so than on a normal matte monitor screen.


Michael Dunlop

the last update of tiger came out today too.



I don't know when I'll switch, but I came into the mac world via tiger... I'll miss it.



I wish I had upgraded to Leopard. Not!

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