Leopard Laughs at Network PCs

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Leopard Laughs at Network PCs


In a not-so-subtle jab at Windows, when you are browsing a local network with Leopard, Windows machines are displayed as a CRT monitor displaying the dreaded blue screen of death.


With Leopard, you can decide who's cool and who isn't.


Most developers expected the joke to be removed from the final version of Leopard. Anyone remember the winking Happy Mac of the OS 8 beta?


If you feel guilty making fun of Windows machines and their users you can use this how-to to change the default icon to something less hilarious.




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Leopard Tips

Make fun of those silly stupid network PCs and Leopard will laugh like a hiena like never before. You can learn even more about them by visiting http://osxhints.wordpress.com


Derek Moyes

I also posted this on the 31st, with a little more info.



Nikita Madison

Did you ever find out if the icon on the shared servers drop down list changes between Tiger and Leopard depending on the servers' version of operating system?

Just read your article and I'm curious!




YOu know I love most stuff Apple does. I just wish one day Steve Jobs et al look beyond such childish humor. But it is funny no?!!! loooooooool

Okay my boss is looking



During the install of Leopard everything went fine, but after I rebooted I noticed that my administrator name and password were no longer listed in accounts. What this means is that I cannot do system updates or any system changes. The apple tech just said sorry and told me to reinstall Tiger and start again.



Forget the instructions to change the icon to something less appropriate in Leopard, I want to change the icon for Windows machines on all of my PCs!



Maybe this is Apple's way of saying "Hey, look! Leopard and Windows have something in common now!"


Still XP

Yeah, ha ha, that sure is a good joke. I refer you to that PC vs Mac vid; Mac: How am I going to pay my rent with a dollar. PC: I don't know, why don't you make one of those great videos?



Shouldn't that Mac icon be a blue screen of death, because Leopard did just that to my machine when I attempted to upgrade. Luckily I had a fresh backup on an external disk to retore from.

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