Leopard, Leopard, Everywhere, Adobe Working on CS3 Updates, New MacBooks, Easy iPhone Jailbreak

Leopard, Leopard, Everywhere, Adobe Working on CS3 Updates, New MacBooks, Easy iPhone Jailbreak

Living with Leopard: Now that Leopard's been out for more than a weekend, Leopard news is filling the Webosphere. Find out what it's like when you're living with Leopard. Our conclusion: There's a lot to like in Leopard but be prepared for the bumps you'll find in the road.


Blue screens of death: Some people have encountered blue error screens when installing Leopard. Apple says that if you have this problem, run an Archive and Install installation of Leopard.


Leopard and Java don't mix: If you like to use Java, you should wait before you install Leopard. The latest version of Java won't work on Leopard.


Leopard on PCs: A few hacker types have apparently figured out how to run Leopard on a PC. The "Hackintosh" isn't for the novice user, but if you have a spare PC lying around, you can give it a try. Keep in mind that doing so violates the user's agreement for Leopard.


Adobe working on CS3 updates: Most of Adobe's CS3 apps work fine in Leopard, but a few have some glitches, and Adobe says they will have updates soon. Adobe has released a 6-page FAQ PDF that answers questions about CS3 and Leopard compatibility.


New MacBooks: Rumor has it that new Santa Rosa-based MacBooks could be released as soon as tomorrow. We're not so sure Apple would release another new product so soon, but we do think new MacBooks will be out in time for the holidays.


No gift cards for iPhones: It's credit-card only when it comes to iPhone shoppping. You can't use gift cards, either. Apple's no cash/no gift card policy is probably legal. But it certainly isn't making friends.


Instant iPhone jailbreak: Waiting for an easy way to hack your iPhone so you can install third-party apps? A crew of hackers have created a method for one-touch instant jailbreak for both iPhone and iPod touch. It works via Safari. Try it at your own risk.


NBC says iTunes bad for profits: NBC bigwig Jeff Zucker says that NBC made just $15 million last year in iTunes revenue. It should've been more, but Zucker says that Apple's pricing limits profits for the studios, and that iTunes is simply there to push Apple hardware sales.




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Remind me to complain when I find a new revenue source that adds fifteen million dollars to my bottom line.



“Apple sold millions of dollars worth of hardware off the back of our content and made a lot of money,” Zucker said. “They did not want to share in what they were making off the hardware or allow us to adjust pricing.”

Does NBC get a cut from Sony, Phillips, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Samsung (not to mention the zillions of lesser known companies like Hannspree, Olevia, and Vizio) for every TV they sell? They also sell millions of dollars worth of hardware on the back of NBC's content. Why should Apple be any different?

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