Leopard Move Bug, New Tablet Rumor and iPhone is the New New Deal in UK

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Leopard Move Bug, New Tablet Rumor and iPhone is the New New Deal in UK


Put down that folder: Blogger Tom Karpik has discovered a huge bug in Leopard that can potentially result in data loss. The bug rears its ugly head when folders are moved from your machine to directly attached or networked storage.


When you attempt to move (instead of copy) the folder and the move is interrupted, the original folder disappears in a puff of ones and zeros. For now, just copy folders until the bug is fixed.


10.5.1 on its way: Apple is working feverishly to smash Leopard bugs with the first update to 10.5. Bugs, like the one above, will hopefully disappear and we can start recommending Leopard to the general populace.


Comcast "memo" leaked: Sister site and arch nemesis MaximumPC, happened upon a "leaked internal Comcast memo" that outlines their stance on customers and how to dole out bandwidth.


iPhone creates jobs: Mobile phone provider O2 is recruiting 1,400 new employees to help customers understand the power of the iPhone. Reports are trickling in from France that the iPhone cures cancer. Is there anything the iPhone can't do, besides copy and paste?


iPod touch song: Read the story behind the ├╝ber-catchy song, "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex," from the new user-created iPod touch commercial. Now I dare you to get the song out of your head.


Apple Tablet: The Apple tablet rumor is as old as the Apple buying Nintendo rumor. Where's my Wii-Apple TV? Today's new twist is that Crave UK had dinner with some Asus friends and they let slip that they are working on a tablet with Apple. Asus is the contract manufacturer of the MacBook, so they would know. Get ready for awkwardly balancing your new OS X tablet while writing.


And finally: Twins invent underwear that geeks everywhere can appreciate.




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What are those folders? does leopard have new folder icons?



...Yes Leopard has new icons

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