Leopard Out Tomorrow, Early Reviews Are In, and More

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Leopard Out Tomorrow, Early Reviews Are In, and More


Leopard's about to leap: Tomorrow at 6pm Leopard goes on sale. So far the early reviews are pretty positive -- see what The New York Times (reg. required), Wall Street Journal (reg. required), USA Today, and Wired have to say. Or just get the highlights. If you don't plan to upgrade right away, there's still Mac OS 10.4.11 to look forward too. Woo!


More Leopard notes: iPhone developers hope that Leopard will hold some clues about what iPhone development will be like, since the iPhone is assumed to be a Leopard-based device. Leopard won't have Classic mode, so kiss your OS 9 apps good-bye. And FileMaker isn't Leopard compatible yet.


iPhone news: The Apple cheerleaders at Piper Jaffray are predicting iPhone sales will continue to grow, hitting 45 million per year by 2009. They've also raised their target price for Apple stock to $250 (it's trading at $183 as of this writing). But the iPhone's future may not be so rosy in the UK, where a recent poll shows that consumers' interest drops once they find out how expensive it is.


And finally: Here's how to open a third-generation iPod nano. Gmail just got even better with the addition of IMAP support (here's how to set it up on your iPhone). Users are complaining about poor battery life in the iPod touch. And little Christopher can go to school while battling leukemia, thanks to iChat AV.



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Devil's Advocate

Do the improvements really necessitate the move to Leopard? As I see right now...No! I keep hearing the SAME features being run into the ground. What about the other 290-something features that no one seems to be talking about? What about those? I've seen nothing posted about those. I love my Macs and Mac OS X, but this seems more like the hype can't live up to the reality of the product. Again, I back Apple and I love my machines, but you'll understand when you look at the posting name. There has to be more to the product than 6 or so key features to base a product on.

Devil's Advocate



What about the AppleTV? How is that doing? I bought it and I like it, it's a nice little piece of machinery.

Nice TV companion.



I can't wait until the operating system comes out! I just ordered iWork and I love all the new changes, so I can't wait to see what they've done to the whole OS!!!



I had crappy battery life on my Touch until I realized I should turn off the wireless until I needed it. Gets great battery life now.



Love the photo!

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