Leopard Sells Two Million, Google Mail Updated and Irish Love the iPod

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Leopard Sells Two Million, Google Mail Updated and Irish Love the iPod


That's a lot of Spaces: Apple announced selling over two million copies of Leopard, the newest OS X feline incarnation, over the weekend.


Bullocks to the iPhone: If you want to be cool here in America you need an iPhone. If you're really cool, you've got it hacked, unlocked and painted to match your Mini convertible. Americans love their iPhones. The Brits, not so much. A recent YouGov survey discovered that only one percent of UK residents want an iPhone after hearing about its price, £269 ($556). Our advice: iPhone patches on footballer's uniforms.


Ireland crowns new king: The Emerald Isle has voted the iPod "King of the Gadgets." 20 percent of those questioned cited the iPod as the most popular invention ever, ahead of the mobile phone and Internet.


Google Mail update: Google has updated its Gmail code base so you can get your spam and MySpace invites faster than ever. Google's Gmail is so quick on Apple's new Safari 3.0, it loads in less than 200ms.


Trust is the key: Unlike Windows Vista or XP, Leopard has no activation key. No calls to Cupertino when you update the RAM, switch out a hard drive or install on a new computer. Apple trusts us to do the right thing where Microsoft doesn't.


NBC head taken to task: Still complaining about how Apple was making money from their content, while they only made $15 million, Jeff Zucker's argument is making less and less sense. Hey Jeff, bring Battlestar Galactica back to the iTunes Store after Hulu.com crashes and burns.


And finally: Sometimes you just have to let it out, while eating.



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Yeah, Zucker! Bring back Battlestar or I guarantee you I'm headed straight to my bit torrent client come the end of November! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Jeez.



What is a footballer's uniform?
They're not in the army you know, they wear a football kit, shirt and shorts.

Well at least you made me smile this morning.



Although Apple "trusts" its consumers, I don't think that's really the point. You can only run Leopard (legally) on a Mac, which is made by Apple, so buying a Mac is already profitable to Apple. They're just being nice and not charging you even more for an upgrade that they already charged you with.

Having no activation is nice, though.

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