Lineform 1.3.2

Lineform 1.3.2

Lineform is a completely new drawing program. Winner of a 2006 Apple Design Award, it is the ideal tool for vector based diagrams and illustrations. Powerful features combine with a simple interface to create an intuitive artistic process.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3.9 or later


To download a demo of Lineform 1.3.2 (5.5MB), click here.




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Anonymous is dead is blank.

Love to try it but ...



I fixed the link to the download of Lineform 1.3.2 -- thanks for the heads-up.



The link on the MacLife page is dead, but you can click on the link to Freeverse on the right side of the screen, which takes you to their site, then click on Mac, then you'll find a link to download the software there. I just did it and it worked fine.

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