Liquid Ledger 2

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Liquid Ledger 2

Liquid Ledger is the complete money management solution for anyone who wishes to better understand where their money comes from and where it goes. Whether you’'ve been using accounting software for years or you're just starting out, Liquid Ledger makes it easy to record bank and credit card transactions; track your investments; analyze income and expenses; schedule upcoming transactions; design and print checks; manage a household budget; migrate existing data from Quicken or MS Money; and much more. Liquid Ledger is also the only personal finance solution to offer full support for working in multiple currencies, so you can record transactions in any currency and easily transfer funds between home and foreign currency accounts.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS X 10.4 or later


To download a save-disabled copy of Liquid Ledger 2 (3.8MB), click here. A free and fully functional 60-day trial licence can be requested by visiting the Liquid Ledger web site.




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