Alpine iDA-X100 & TUA-T550HD



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I have the Alpine iDA-X001, which for some reason is no longer available, for well over a year and a half. It's a great deck but after the iPhone firmware revision's using my iPhone to connect with my deck has lost most of it's functionality. The audio gets distorted and sometimes the deck itself can't decode the ID3 tag correctly or display album art.

I still have my old 5th Gen iPod handy but I rarely update the music on that device.

The solution to this with the new iPhone 3.0 and 3GS is to stream my audio via bluetooth stereo which is good but not great.

The Alpine iXA-W404 is the next gen of Alpine decks and although the iDA-X001 wasn't the first it's come along way since Alpine's first iPod integration.



MacLife you need to start reviewing the X305 instead of the X100 with it's periferals. The X100 has been discontinued for quite a while now. The current version is the X305, which works much better than the X100 ever did. The X305 is also a bit cheaper than the X100.

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