OtterBox iPhone 3G Defender Case



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There's a solution for the problem with docking the iPhone when in the Otterbox case. I just stumbled into this, looks like CableJive is selling a cable that lets you dock with the case on, called the dockXtender. It fits into the Otterbox (a photo on the site shows it).


Dave in Kauai

I have one of these for my 3G, and several of my friends have them here too. It's nice to be able to take them to the beach without worrying about sand and water getting in them. A ziplock baggy (or two) will protect them from the most severe downpour or errant waves. You wouldn't believe the hostile conditions mu iPhone has survived.

I just take the case off when I'm home for use in docked music players.



I like my otter box for the original iPhone. It allows me to take the phone camping and hiking. It does keep out the water in light rain, but in the torrential downpour I experienced while on the Appalachian Trail, well needless to say, thank God for Apple Care! It does protect the phone from dust dirt and dropping but due to the opening on the bottom being small, I only use it when I will be out in nature. Thanks for the review!

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