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Live Keynote Coverage


10:40 Keynote ends. Stay with all week long as we bring you details on all the new Apple products, plus everything cool we find on the show floor.


10:38 Introducing "You've Got a Friend in Me," from Toy Story. "I wrote a nice love theme, but they cut Buzz and Woody's big love scene."


10:37 Randy Newman: "I'll always root against corporations, because that's just the way I am. But not this one [Pixar]. This one's different."



10:36 Randy Newman: "You can tell when someone's a human being."


10:31 Randy Newman: "I'm happy to be here, all cogs still moving. It's a technical world, and I'm part of it." Heh. Randy Newman is Robbie's new favorite keynote celebrity.


10:30 Jobs introduces Randy Newman


10:30 β€œAll this in the first two weeks. And we've got 50 more weeks to go. So we're pretty excited.”


10:28 Jobs talks about new Mac Pro released last week. "The new Mac Pro. Eight processors across the board, it's a screamer." Then he recaps all the products shown today.


10:27 "We'll continue to make progress on these environmental fronts, and we'll keep you posted."


10:25 Environmental update: The MacBook Air's aluminum case is recyclable. It's got an arsenic- and mercury-free display. BFR and PVC free motherboard. Packaging is 56% less volume than MacBook packaging.


10:24 "And we are pricing this notebook at $1,799. And we will start shipping MacBook Airs in two weeks."


10:23 "A lot of other notebooks get an hour of battery life. This is phenomenal battery life." [On MacBook Air's 5 hour life when the wireless networking is on.]


10:23. More specs: 2GB RAM standard. Price starts at $1,799.


10:21 Jobs introduces Remote Disk that looks for other computers on network, and you can borrow that computer's optical drive. You can even install Mac software from a Mac disc in a PC's optical drive, if the PC has some special Remote Disk software.


10:20 "With the latest and greatest wireless technology, the MacBook Air was built to be a wireless machine."


10:20 More specs: MagSafe connector, smaller 45-watt power adpater, 1 USB 2.0 port, Micro DVI, headphone jack, 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. No optical drive, optional USB SuperDrive available for $99.


10:19 Intel CEO Paul Otellini: "At the end of the day, we did what we do best together, and that's innovate."


10:18 Paul Otellini takes stage to discuss the new, 60 percent smaller chip dye and take a bow.


10:16 [On optional 64GB SSD in the MacBook Air] "It's a little pricey, but it's fast."



10:16: Tiny motherboard is about as wide as a pencil is long. 1.6GHz standard Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (1.8GHz option). The chip is in a die that's 60 percent smaller than standard die.


10:15 1.8-inch hard drive (not flash drive) 80GB standard. 64GB SSD option, but no word on pricing for that.


10:13 "This is perhaps the best notebook keyboard we've ever shipped. It's a phenomenal keyboard. It's full sized. And with the ambient light sensor, it's backlit. It's got a generous trackpad, which is great. And we've also built in multi-touch gesture support."



10:12 Full size backlit keyboard, 13.3-inch display LED backlit display. Magnetic latch. Built-in iSight. Trackpad. Multi-touch gesture support built into the trackpad.


10:12 "Full-size keyboard, full-size display. And this is what it looks like. Isn't that amazing?"




10:10 "The thickest part of the MacBook Air is thinner than the thinnest part of the Sony TZ series. It even fits inside one of these envelopes you see floating around the office. So let me show it to you now." Pulls it out in an envelope, takes it out to big oohs and aahs, even from the press corps.




10:09 Introducing the MacBook Air.



This slide compares the MacBook Air thickness to the Sony TZ line. As you can see, the thickest part of the MacBook Air is 0.76 inches, which is thinner than the thinnest part of the Sony TZ.


10:08 "Today we're introducing a third kind of notebook: the MacBook Air. What is the MacBook Air? In a sentence: It's the world's thinnest notebook."


10:08 "So that brings us to Number 4. There's something in the air. So, what is it?"




10:06 Jim on the next-gen format: "It looks like it'll be Blu-ray." [Crowd cheers] "Right? That's what I thought, too."


10:05 Jim: "There was music, and then there was the iPod. There were phones, and then there was the iPhone. ... I think this will be a transformative version of the rental model, and we're incredibly excited about it."


10:02 Jim Gianopulos, CEO of 20th Century Fox, on the RDF. "I was back stage when Steve was talking about the movie rentals, and I started to get all excited. And I already knew about it!" "When Steve came to us with this idea, it was just a no-brainer."


10:02 Jobs talks about 20th Century Fox, the first studio to sign up for movie rentals. Jim Gianopulos takes stage




10:02. The Apple TV's new features available as a free software upgrade for current Apple TV owners, expect it in about two weeks. The new Apple TV 2 hardware will ship in two weeks as well for a lower price -- $229. (It's currently $299.)




9:58 [Flickr friends demo plays music but shows no photos.] "I'm afraid Flickr's not serving up the photos on that one. So. That's what I wanted to show you today. Isn't that incredible? All from your widescreen TV." (Somewhere Phil Schiller is trembling.)



9:57 "For the recipient, there's no computer involved [to watch photos or movies from someone's .Mac Web Gallery]. It's all done from the couch, with their widescreen TV." Steve demos accessing movies from .Mac. The interface is similar to Front Row.


9:56 [Repeated, um, often] "Isn't this incredible?"


9:55 Demo of Apple TV accessing .Mac photos


9:54 As an example of free HD content, Steve shows the Teton Gravity Research podcast, which is really good, Susie watches it all the time."Incredible!"


9:53 "I'm going to search for a Linkin Park music video." Eugene: Noooooooooo!!!


9:52 "You can buy TV shows and music right on your widescreen TV with Apple TV. And it'll sync that content right back to your computer."


9:51 [on HD rental quality] "It's very strong. It's very strong." shows HD iTune movie rental Live Free or Die Hard.




9:50 [In Blades of Glory clip, Will Ferrell grabs his crotch in a skating routine.] "OK, OK, OK." [Steve stops clip.]


9:47 "I love the old Star Trek movies." [Geeks in the crowd rejoice.]



9:46 You don't have to wait for the movie to download completely to watch it.



9:46 "You can buy TV shows and music right on your widescreen TV with Apple TV. And it'll sync that content right back to your computer." Rent movies directly to Apple TV. HD quality available for $1 more (100 HD titles to start, more coming soon). Podcast support. Photos from Flickr and .Mac. YouTube access. You can buy TV and music, and that automatically syncs back to computer. Plays iTunes content.






9:44 "You can rent [movies from Apple TV] in DVD quality and with 5.1 Dolby digital surround."

9:43 "Apple TV was designed to be an accessory for your iTunes and your computer. That's not what people wanted."
"What did we learn? People wanted movies, movies, movies. So we're back." It's the Apple TV, Take 2. No computer required!


9:42 New Rented Movies category in iTunes, service launches today. New interface for transferring movies (even ones you already started watching) to your iPod. "What about this flat-screen TV? I'd like to watch it there too."


9:40 "You can watch [rental movies] on a Mac, a PC, all current-generation iPods, and on the iPhone." Does that mean no 5G iPod?


9:39 1,000 films available by end of Feb. Films available 30 days after DVD release. Can watch on any Mac, iPhone. Can watch instantly after download.You have 30 days to start watching it. You have 24 hours to finish. Can transfer films to another device while watching. $2.99 for library title. $3.99 for new release.


9:38 Shows Ratatouille cover. "That's a particular favorite of mine."


9:37 12 movie studios available "We have every major studio. And we're going to have all the great first-run films."


9:37 iTunes has sold 7 million movies, "but that didn't meet our expectation, I have to tell you."


9:36 3rd new product: iTunes movie rentals.


9:35 "I'm really pleased to report that last week, we sold our 4 billionth song. Isn't that great?"


9:35 "All right. Number 3. Number 3's a good one, too. Number 3 is about iTunes."


9:35 iPod touch new features: 5 new apps - mail, maps, stock notes, weather. $20 upgrade for current iPod touch owners via iTunes. new features built into new iPod touches9:24 iPhone new feature: maps with locations; Webclips; custom home screens; SMS multiple people; and more


9:34 "What can we do for the iPod touch today? Well, we've decided to add five apps to the iPod touch."


9:33 New chapters, lyric & language interface for iPhone iPod. All new iPhone features are available today as a free software update.


9:32 How does Maps work? SkyHook wireless did a map of Wi-Fi hotspots. A triangulation of hotspots tells you where you are. Google triangulates cellphone tower. "So when we go to find a location, it turns out you pick up beacons from these hot spots even if you're not connected to them. So we look at the beacons and triangulate the beacons and that's how we find out where you are. Isn't that cool? And Google does the same trianguation from cell phone towers. And it works pretty doggone well.”


9:31 Demo: Customize home screen by holding an app until they jiggle, then dragging them anywhere – the Dock, over to the side to push them to another screen, whatever. You can have multi-page home pages (up to 9). "And I can just flip between [home screens] with a flick of my finger. So there you have it!" "There's no GPS inside the iPhone."


9:28 Webclips demo. Jobs goes to Google and taps the new Plus button on browser. Adds icons to home screen "Because Webclips can be more than just a website. They can remember where I've zoomed and panned to."



9:27 "Google has awesome technology, and we right the front-end apps" (on the Google Maps with location feature.)


9:26 Can drop pins on maps to track locations for future reference "After the keynote, I can drive over to the store. So that's pretty cool."


9:25: iPhone demo of Maps with locations. Locates where you are on the map. Can enter an end point to get driving directions. "It's going to locate me right on the map. Zoom. That's cool."


9:24 "You can SMS multiple people at one time." *big cheer*


9:23 iPhone SDK to be released in February. New features for iPhone today.


9:22 US SmartPhone marketshare: 19.5 percent. That's after the first quarter, too.


9:21 "Today happens to be exactly the 200th day since the iPhone went on sale. And I'm extrodinarily pleased to report that we have sold 4 million iPhones to date. That's 20,000 iPhones every day on average."






9:20 "These are very aggressive prices because we want people backing up their content." Time Capsule 500GB drive ($299) & 1TB ($499)
ships in February.


9:18 Steve goofs, says "In Tiger we have a lot of great features, and one of them is Time Machine." He talks about the problem of using Time Machine with notebooks. Introduces TIme Capsule. Time Casule has 802.11n and a server-grade hard drive for wireless backups from all your Macs. "It's got a server grade hard drive in it, so it's very reliable. ... It's a backup appliance."


Time Capsule looks like an AirPort Extreme or an Apple TV. It's got an AirPort Extreme built into it, as well as a 500GB or 1TB "server-grade" hard drive for wireless backups of all your Macs via Time Machine.


9:17 Jobs talks about Microsoft releasing Office 2008


9:16 5 million copies of Leopard sold. 20 percent Leopard installed base


9:15: 4 things to talk about today. "I'm thrilled to report that we have delivered over 5 million copies of Leopard in the first three months. It's the most successful release of Mac OS X ever."


9:14: Jobs takes the stage to loud but not thunderous applause. Steve: "2007 was an extrodinary year for Apple."


9;13: Keynote starts with a New Year's Apple ad. PC: This is going to be the year of the PC. Mac: That's a great attitude, PC. What do you have planned? PC: I'm just going to copy everything you did in 2007.



The Steve is in the building.


9:13 Lights have dimmed.


9:12 Preshow music is different than the last few keynotes. Susie thinks they made a new playlist -- could this be the end of the Dominant Gorillaz?


9:07: Worst Morrissey cover EVAR! on PA. Eugene: "I need to hold Robbie back...same band now massacring smokey robinson...Robbie needs to hold me back."


8:59: Apple's preshow playlist blares over the soundsystem. Green Day is playing.

8:58: The Mac|Life staff is inside awaiting Steve.



The Apple also rises.


8:30AM: Robbie and Eugene set up.


We're like the 21st-century Village People. Robbie is the mechanic, and Eugene is the dock worker.


8:20AM: Waiting for the doors to open with the rest of the media.



We love this guy on the right in the plaid blazer. It's like he's welcoming you to the keynote. Come in, friends, come in!






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Every little chat Salon 1000 ah!replica watchYou are my best's buddy



Thanks for your efforts. I cannot stand to sit [pun fully intended] for an hour or so and watch Steve Jobs rattle on about various Apple things. This coverage has helped me know about what went on without having to watch the whole painfully dull event.

It wasn't always this boring. Maybe Apple should bring in a new person to do their keynotes. Oh wait, it could be worse... [think john mayer]


Susie Ochs

We had fun with it. Poor Robbie didn't really get to "see" the keynote happening right in front of him, 'cause he was busy collecting our photos and comments over the airwaves and wrestling them into the site.


Anyway, we've got a roaming reporter and cameraman at the show all day, along with our regular magazine staff, so look for a lot more to come on the home page...



can somebody post a link to the apple keynote. i want to see it.


David Willmore

As of now, the keynote is not on the Apple Events page. However, in a few hours (once the video team has added all the special fx), the video will be posted to the Apple Events Quicktime page at:



Any news about a new Macbook Pro?



Best coverage of any of the live-blogs I've seen.
Now, can you send me one of those there skinny mac laptops?? :o)



is this apple or microsoft? apple should be ashamed of themselves for charging twenty dollars for an ipod touch firmware upgrade. one would have thought that they would have learned their lesson from the iphone price drop debacle. they apparently want to alienate all of their customers now, and encourage people to jailbreak their itouches.


walker Quine

i want it



I wasn't impressed by anything this year and the new movie rental thing is expensive, a dollar more for HD. Thats weak. Only cool thing to me is Time Capsule.



Does this mean that there will be an update to Airport Extreme-N to allow the rest of us to use Time Machine with our USB AirDisks?



Will external optical drive affect installing Windoze using bootcamp?
Or will it work just fine?



Guys, you did the best liveblogging of all the feeds. Awesome work, keep it up!



post airbook pictures pleeeeeeassssssE



steve jobs looks crazy skinny, and that fox guy looks wasted



--steve jobs looks crazy skinny
Well, once you reach a certain age you've got to make the choice - ditch the doughnuts or ditch tucking your polo-neck into your blue-jeans.



wasn't Steve on Gwenth Paltrow's macrobiotic diet for a while?



regardless of the fact that other sites do this, maclife and previously macaddict always have done this and they have always done a great job with their coverage....

Thank you!



I've been wondering why in the past few years Apple has stopped streaming the keynote? Granted it would be a heavy server load, but it's not like their out of stock on Xserves heh



I am really getting into the fact that the next generation of the Macbook is here, or is it?


Jon Phillips -- your boss's boss

The lighting almost makes it seem like Robbie is wearing a leather guido jacket, and Eugene looks like he lurks around the waterfront, collecting payments -- or dispatching kneecaps -- from inveterate gamblers. Very nice photos, though. :)



Being over seas and waiting for this darn KeyNote is driving me crazy! I woke up thinking, "YES! Today is the day!" Only to remember that I have to wait one more day for it to be THAT day over there... booooooo ... here's hoping for a new macbook.

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