Adobe CTO Defends Flash's MacBook Air Performance



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Now, I love developing with flash. Flash is extremely easy to develop with and allows for easy tools to be used (albeit with quite a few holes and bugs). But this same battery drain happens on nearly every computer that really utilizes flash. I recently decided to block ALL flash content on my browser (with Flashblock on firefox), and I have noticed that my macbook lives a healthy 4 hours, vs the 2 and a half hours as before. While yes, loading more content does drain battery life, watching H.264 all day on youtube seems to extend my macbooks battery life by a good 1 1/2 hours. Loading the same amount of content, with great performance, with better results. (the cool thing is that besides hulu, I have never had to enable flash while browsing the same websites I do normally. its all in either H.264, or hardware encoded in HTML 5.) Did I forget to mension what a CPU hog flash is? or all the security flaws? flash now seems outdated and really needs to go. Either that, or Adobe RADICALLY redesigns flash, in which case Apple would love to adopt it

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