Microsoft Office Hits Stores October 26



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Stuxnet is a worm being called one of the most sophisticated malware ever detected. It was been seen by computer experts throughout the world. These specialists think it is one of the greatest technologies created. Search and destroy appears to be what the Stuxnet does. It will sabotage anything it heads for.

The proof is here: Experts Stuxnet is a military - grade cyber weapon aimed at IranSpecialists at cybersecurity explain that rogue hackers could never discover the time, cash and talent needed to create something as complex since the Stuxnet, clearly developed by a nation-state. Stuxnet looks for specific software programs, such as factories, power plants and water systems, via thumb drives and printer spoolers rather than spreading on the Internet. The Stuxnet is expected to be targeting the Bushehr nuclear power plant. This is because it has been showing up in Iran probably the most often.



Is it true that this new Office is still only 32-bit? I could find no info on the MS site, but of course, they wouldn't want to advertise a lack of a feature...

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