Mac Clones, MacBook Graphics Issues and UK Rip Fee

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Mac Clones, MacBook Graphics Issues and UK Rip Fee


Attack of the Clones: Computer company, Pystar, was selling cheap Mac clone towers capable of running OS X on them. With system prices starting at $399, it seems like they couldn't lose. Oh wait, Apple's Software License Agreement states you can't install OS X on anything other than a Apple-labeled machine. As of now the companies site is down. Odds are, Steve's band of merry lawyers might have something to do with that. If you, or anyone you know, was able to purchase one of these machines before the site was killed, tell us below.


UK rip(off) fee: If you think the RIAA is bad, in the UK it's illegal to rip your music to MP3. Well, the UK's equivalent of the RIAA, the BPI, is trying to fix the situation. Only problem, the music industry wants to tax users who rip their music. Can you say double-dipping?


MacBook graphics glitches: Over the weekend, Apple acknowledged graphical issues with its latest 13-inch MacBooks and 15-inch MacBook Pros. Users are experiencing choppy, flickering Quicktime playback and Safari redrawing issues.


Camera over 3G: A recent MSN poll of what the next generation iPhone needs is a bit surprising. A lower price and wider range of networks as one and two are expected, but choosing a better camera over 3G, that's crazy talk.


Radio Shack advertises hacked touch: How do you sell the iPod touch in your circular? Jailbreak the device before photographing it for your ad.


Yahoo sets up play dates: This week in the Yahoo soap opera. Yahoo has scheduled meetings with both AOL and Microsoft. The negotiation meetings should keep Steve Ballmer from sending out more threatening letters.


China iPhone news: China Mobile and Apple have yet to enter formal negotiations over the iPhone. Reportedly, informal talks have stalled because China Mobile has balked at the revenue sharing agreement Apple has established with other carriers. Maybe Steve Ballmer could send a letter to convince the mobile carrier. That worked really well for his company.




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Guess what! It's now April 15 and the Psystar site is back up. You may be right that Steve & his lawyers may eventually serve them with legal actions, but for now, they're up and probably selling a few of the Open Computers.



You can count me as one of those who would rather see an improved camera over 3G. I've been using a Sony Ericsson K790a for a year now, with its 3.2M camera and Xenon flash. Having a quality camera with me at all times, and the ability to blog photos on the spot, has been really fun. It's a wonderful, stylish, high quality phone, and I'm seriously considering upgrading to a K850i. But if I had the same quality camera in an iPhone, I'd dump the SE in a heartbeat.

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