Mac Haiku

Mac Haiku

So, I was driving home from work today, listening to the CBC's As It Happens, when on came a segment featuring a number of haiku poems about some obscure (to me, at least) Canadian political frouferah, all contributed by their listeners. Got me to thinking - and composing. So, here are a few Mac-oriented haiku I whipped up after a good meal and a couple of Tsingtao's. I'd love to read your contributions in the Comments section, below (with or without, of course, the help of the folks at Tsingtao).


Mac OS X:


It’s been a bad day.

“[Insert app name] Just Quit.” How?



The curtain comes down.
“Please, God, did I save my work?”
Kernel-panic blues.


Universal apps.

They number in the thousands,

But not those I want.


Apple Hardware:


You guys still make Macs?
Enough with the iPhone crap!
Our wallets grow cold.


“Mighty Mouse?" Come on…
Has there ever been a name
Less appropriate?


“Is the Mac Pro loud?”
You ask—but I can’t hear you
Over the fan noise.




Vista’s cursor’s white,
and Mac OS X’s is black.
Is there meaning here?


Viruses are bad,
Or so I’ve been told. Who cares?
My Mac is just fine.


Microsoft Excel.
Who uses “functions”? So few
That they are lonely.


“The Wow Starts Now!” Huh?
Give us some credit, Sir Bill—
The hype’s not working.




I have but one wish:
Universal Photoshop.
Forget the others.


Unsharp Mask sharpens.
A seeming contradiction.
It’s a mystery.


You know of GoLive?
Will it outlive Dreamweaver?
Want to buy a bridge?


Mac Expo:


Before each keynote
Editors coldly discuss
Who’ll survive, who won’t.


Steve enters stage right,
Sips on his water bottle.
The throng holds its breath.


“And just one more thing…”
A mere five minutes later,

The landscape has changed.




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Earl Grey

As our numbers grow
I miss being underdogs
WE will become THEM



"Create. Share. Enjoy."
A slogan made for potheads.
I like: "Rip, Mix, Burn."



Oh where is my leopard
the tiger is no longer
Please bring it my way



We Scoff at Vista
We are loyal to the core
And our numbers grow


A nonny mouse

One thing is so clear
in five syllables or more
I want an iPhone!


A nonny mouse

Back to the office
where muscle memory keeps
hitting the ALT key


A nonny mouse

A sight to behold
Mac Geeks counting syllables
using their fingers


A nonny mouse

Bootcamp proposes
to put Windows on a Mac
My friend, just say No!



Repair permissions?
No! You should be smart enough
To do it yourself!



Tsingtao is Chinese :-)

Nice Haiku though - try Asahi Dry for real inspiration!

Reminds me of David Thorndale - a friend of mine in Japan who writes good haiku... great times.




Well, duhhhhh... Of course Tsingtao is Chinese -- it just happend to be the brewski that I was embibing t'night at a local restaurant here in San Francisco (Noe Valley, to be precise). But, hey, I understand your misunderstanding - can I buy you a beer?

As far as Japanese beers go, I'm a big fan of Orion (here if your Japanese-reading skills are better than mine [which wouldn't be hard]); it's a great hot-weather lager from Okinawa.



Sorry - but you'd be surprised how many people I have met who think that Tokyo is in China, and Shanghai is part of Japan etc. etc.

Anyway, I've not come across Orion before. Website is being a bit slow (on the train at the moment) but I'll take a look later. Must be refreshing to quench a thirst in that heat. Over here it's cold now so Aki Aji is good right now.

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