Mac|Life Scooped by Mechanix Illustrated

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Mac|Life Scooped by Mechanix Illustrated


Eagle-eyed reader Carl Manuelian writes:


This is to show you that you were "scooped" on your design of your (or supposedly Apple's) "Squidget", over half a century ago. The prototype phone,that the lovely 1956 model is holding, looks an awful lot like the phone on the cover of your January 2008 issue.


The September, 1956, issue of Mechanix Illustrated had this article by Robert G. Beason that pretty much nailed all the developments that occurred over the last 50 years. Not bad, considering the fact that most "life in the future" articles are hysterically off when we read them today. (Where is the flying car that we were all supposed to have in the year 2000?)


Thanks for the heads up Carl!




Read the entire article here.



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