Mac|Live Podcast #2 - April 10, 2007

Mac|Live Podcast #2 - April 10, 2007

In this second edition of our new weekly series of Mac|Live Podcasts, listen in as Leslie, Roman, Susie, Eugene, and Rik discuss:


> The new eight-core Mac Pro

> Joost: free Internet TV
> Karaoke systems
> Tarantino and Glass in the iTunes Store


All that, plus answers to your Ask the Experts questions, the perfect MacBook case, how an iPod saved a soldier's life in Iraq, incredibly high-speed - and affordable - inkjet printers, and much, much more. Listen to it all in this week's Mac|Live Podcast.


>>> Download Mac|Live Podcast #2 right now to play on your iPod, in iTunes, or using the QuickTime Player.


More information on items discussed in this week's podcast (in order of their mention) can be found by clicking the links below:


Eight-core Mac Pro

The perfect MacBook (and Mac Book Pro) case

Joost Internet TV

Matias USB 2.0 Keyboard

750GB Seagate Barracuda

doPi Karaoke

Griffin iKaraoke

JumpStart Advanced Preschool

Atari Dora the Explorer Adventure 3-Pack

Brighter Child Caillou Magical Adventures

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0

Boot Camp, VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop for Mac, and CrossOver Mac

Death Proof soundtrack

Jah Wobble's Heart and Soul

Paul Wall's Get Money Stay True

Star Trek, Season One

Philip on Film by Philip Glass

Alfred Cortot Plays Chopin

New York Times Newsroom Navigator

Entertainment Magazine Online

Memjet high-speed inkjet printers

Soldier saved by iPod

Browseback (in the Software Vault)


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Podcast #2 and #3 are missing from the feedburner RSS feed.



All podcasts should now be on both Feedburner and iTunes. Finally...


Michael Dunlop

could you put a link that will open up the podcast in iTunes? i searched "mac live" in iTunes but didn't find anything.



comment3, truck driveing videos, :]]], pussy knibbl, iyhjg, jackoff pics, 696, nysglasses, ulmss,



thanks for adding the podcasts finally, but you could have made it a little clearer or given a heads up more that they were coming- it's disrespectful to long time subscribers who have remained faithful even through the changeover and loss that occurred w/ mac|life's 'birth'...



Could you make the link to the audio file a bit more clear? Like maybe a single line link that reads "Download MacLive Podcast #2" in bold? Or make it so that when you click on the image, it triggers the download? I have a few not-so-bright friends who made me guide them over the phone as to where to click to get the file. Thanks


Rik (aka Webmaster)

GREAT suggestions -- I'll implement both of them immediately. Thanks.

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