Mac Market Share Breaks 8 Percent; Mac and PC Named Best Commercial Characters

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Mac Market Share Breaks 8 Percent; Mac and PC Named Best Commercial Characters


Go market share, go!: Following a post-Christmas surge, the Mac has expanded its market share to 8 percent. Mac|Life would like to take this time to say, "Way to go everyone, way to get those PCs out of your family's houses."


Mac and PC, best commercial Characters: Justin Long and John Hodgman have been named the best commercial characters of 2007 by USA Today. Their Mac and PC characters humanized complex technical comparisons according to USA Today.


Think ongoing: After December 20th's press release concerning their settlement with Apple, we expected Think Secret to go the way of WebVan. A quick check of the site shows that they are indeed, still publishing as of December 26th. The anonymous voicemail is even still available. Maybe Nick changed his mind, just don't tell Steve.



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John Crosan

The details of the Think Secret/Apple settlement were never disclosed. But I bet that it states that TS was to cease publication as of Dec. 31, 2007 or Jan. 1, 2008. I bet you won't see anymore articles on TS.



Has anybody asked Nick? You know like a real reporter would?


Roberto Baldwin

I sent an email to the site. No reply yet.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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