Mac OS 10.4.9 Released

Mac OS 10.4.9 Released

Apple today released what is almost sure to be the final major update to Tiger: Mac OS 10.4.9. According to Apple, the update includes a number of "general operating system fixes," along with a host of other improvements, including upgrades to:


> RAW camera support
> Handling of large or malformed images that could cause crashes
> Image capture performance
> Mouse scrolling and keyboard shortcuts
> Font handling
> Playback quality, and bookmarks in DVD Player
> USB video conferencing cameras for use with iChat
> Bluetooth devices
> Browsing AFP servers
> Apple USB Modem
> Windows-created digital certificates
> Open and Print dialogs in applications that use Rosetta on Intel-based Macs


Other application-specific highlights include improvements In World of Warcraft reliability; Rosetta performance for LEGO StarWars, Adobe InDesign, H&R Block TaxCut, and Big Business' Big Business 5.1.0; and help for that pesky Microsoft Word problem with OpenType Fonts.


Also included in OS 10.4.9 are also a number of security updates, plus - it you haven't already already taken care of it as we warned you last week - a daylight saving time update.


In related news, iPhoto has also been updated, this time to 6.0.6. According to Apple, this update "addresses issues associated with EXIF data compatibility and Photocasting."




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After updating to 10.4.9 I no longer can capture video in Final Cut Pro 4.5. I went to Apple's site and it was suggested to fix it by buying version 5. Unfortunately version 5 won't run on my 1st Gen 17 inch Powerbook. I found that I can still capture with Imovie and import into Final Cut. I also came across issues trying to burn DVDs with my external DVD burner. It starts burning but never finishes. I then need to turn the burner off to get the disc out. I hope they make another update.



Does anyone else have this same problem?
I've just up-dated my black Macbook, and the entire operating system is running EXTREAMLY slow.
The computer was supposed to re-start itself for the up-date to be completed, but it was frozen on the blue "exit" screen screen for 10 mins. I had to manually shut down and restart the computer...



The update includes a change on how the Eject-key behaves when pressed. Previously you only had to tap the key to eject but after the update you have to keep the key pressed down for a little while. While this might be a welcome change for users of laptops that often press down the Eject-key accidently, I don't like it at all so I'd really like to see a posibility to modify how the key should react when pressed. :/



You're right about the eject key change. I use control-eject to Restart (R) or shutdown (Enter) my Macs, and you DO have to hold the combination for the desired result. Not sure what Apple's reasoning is for this modification. I don't care for it, personally.


Jack Ressel

You could also note that iChat is now updated to support external USB cameras: that means you could use Pico Instruments iMage webcam (Mar 07, pg 72) for video conferencing. That oughta bump it up a star in your review.

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