Mac Users More Likely to Pay For Music and Quicken on the iPhone

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Mac Users More Likely to Pay For Music and Quicken on the iPhone


Mac users love music: Research firm, NPD, has found that Mac users are more likely to purchase music than their PC loving friends. Half of us have purchased music from iTunes compared to 16% of PC users and we're slightly more likely to purchase CD's. We're all just slaves to the rhythm.


My iPod's on Broadway: New York is getting yet another Apple Store. The new Casa de Apple will be located on the corner of 67th and Broadway. Meanwhile, North Dakota is still Apple Store free.


First Sonic, now Bomberman!: Bomberman has been added to the growing list of iPod games available in the iTunes Store.


Babes and bouncers wanted: If you live in the Bay Area and wanna make some extra cash, SFGate wants to remind you that if you're blessed with large muscles and supermodel looks, keep an eye on craigslist for Mac Expo help wanted ads. You too can be photographed with hundreds of guys who haven't seen the sun in six months.


Intuit Quicken on iPhone: Forget video and music. Budgeting, that's the iPhone killer app. Quicken will be releasing a $3 a month service for the iPhone.


Keyboard fix: Keyboard issues plaguing the MacBook and MacBook Pro are being resolved with an update released by Apple.


Hack your way to a job: Apple has hired an iPhone hacker to help develop the iPhone SDK due out in February. Former hacker, Lucas Newman, is the author of Creative Native iPhone Apps, a guide to "jailbreaking" the iPhone.




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Emmett The Crab

No Apple Store in Alaska either, but last week AT&T just merged with Cellular One, so I got to buy an iPhone!



I think it's the snow... harder to find a white Mac in the snow then a black dell



Actually we have an apple specialist dealer called Computer Village here.



Does Apple have to be on every corner, like Starbucks?

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