MacBook Air Battery Tests, AT&T Expanding 3G, and More

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MacBook Air Battery Tests, AT&T Expanding 3G, and More


Apple's battery claims: a bunch of hot Air? We're starting to see lots of articles about the MacBook Air, but what's catching our eye today are the battery tests. Here's a comparison of the battery life between the HDD and SSD versions, and also more real-world tests on the HDD version. And on the storage tip, more tips on putting your data on a diet to squeeze into the skinny-jeans 80GB hard drive—which is really more like 63GB after Leopard is installed.


Show me the 3G: AT&T is expanding its 3G wireless network, which should be in 350 markets (including the top 100) by the end of 2008. Could this signal the imminent announcement of a 3G iPhone?


Insert cow chip/computer chip pun here: The University of Wisconsin has sued Intel, claiming patent infringement on the Core 2 Duo chip. The suit asks for sales to be halted, so we hope that gets sorted out (preferably in Intel's favor) soon. However, go 8th-ranked Badger basketball!

Leopard, Safari to be updated soon: Apple has seeded a new build of Mac OS 10.5.2 to developers, as well as a new build of Safari 3.1. Hopefully we'll be able to get our upgrade on very soon now.


Software news: NetNewsWire has been updated to version 3.1.3, to fix some bugs. BusinessWeek gives a thumbs-up to Bento (look for the Mac|Life review in our next issue, April 2008). Save paper by printing your Keynote docs nine slides to a page. And get the lowdown on all the different Twitter clients for the Mac—just make sure you're following MacLife!


And randomly: You can control Gmail with the Apple Remote. That's pretty zany, right? But not as much as this: It's called iFob, and it seems to encourage social networking with close-by strangers. For people who are afraid to be alone, we guess... (Be careful out there!)



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Do you ever do your own testng, like battery life or whatever? Or do you just report other guys stuff. I'd be interested.



The link to print Keynote slides was good information for people that weren't aware of this. The problem is that there were probably more people unaware than there should have been. The problem is the way that Apple handles this issue. There is an option in Keynote's Print dialog to print a handout. The problem is that it doesn't print the way you would expect a handout to print. It prints the slide images VERY SMALL lined up on the left side of the page and leaves the rest of the page blank. This is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen in an Apple software product.

Using the Layout option described in the link you provided produces the results that people are expecting from the Handout option.

This has long been a pet peeve of mine with Keynote. An otherwise wonderful product looks silly with this bug/feature.



It would be nice if you guys were to create a snazzy looking icon for me to put on my iPod touch's home screen.



Roberto Baldwin

What do you mean by snazzy?

I think a picture of me would be pretty snazzy. Or maybe a picture of me breathing fire. Or a picture of me eating a pancake.

All those are pretty snazzy.



EDIT: Wait, do you mean a webclip icon?



'stylish and attractive'
'a stylish and attractive Mac|Life icon conveniently placed on Ben's iPod touch home screen in the form of a webclip'
'snazzy little silk dresses'

Go ahead and look it up for yourself in Apple's Dictionary App.

Okay, so maybe the second definition is a bit skewed to my own liking...

And while I'm not sure if a picture of you [Robbie] would be worthy of being the official Mac|Life webclip icon [purely because of the small of size and resolution of web clip icons, of course!], I'd be honored to put a picture of you breathing fire for my wallpaper!

: )

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