MacBook Air Flying Off Shelves, More SDK Speculation and Woz's Apple Smacks

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MacBook Air Flying Off Shelves, More SDK Speculation and Woz's Apple Smacks


MacBook Air selling well, no really: Apple retail locations across this great nation, and even in London, are reporting difficulty in keeping the MacBook Air in stock. Any MacBook Air fans out there finding it difficult to get your hands on the wafer-thin machine?


Apple leads Fortune list: Citing Jobs as the reason the company hasn't folded, Fortune has chosen Apple as their Most Admired Company.


Woz talks Apple products: On a recent trip to Australia, Woz shared his issues with recent Apple products including the iPhone, Apple TV and MacBook Air.


In Soviet Russia, iPhone controls you: Newly elected Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev, is a huge iPhone fan. Now if only Apple actually sold the mobile device in Russia there would be no problem.


China mobile interested in iPhone: China Mobile still has hopes of bringing the iPhone to China. The mobile provider has yet to begin official talks with Apple. Of course, lack of an official Apple iPhone carrier hasn't stopped the device from becoming a hot seller.


iPhone SDK speculation: With the SDK roadmap event only a few days away, it now seems that free iPhone apps will not be regulated by Apple as first reported. Only apps that are sold will come under the scrutiny of Apple. All apps are still expected to flow through the iTunes store.


Rock to the top: If Dragon Force's "Through the Fire and Flames" is a piece of cake for you on the Mac version of Guitar Hero 3, first you need to get outside more. Secondly, you need to sign up for the upcoming Guitar Hero 3 tournament coming to select Apple retails stores.



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