MacBook Air Overtaken by MacBook Paper

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MacBook Air Overtaken by MacBook Paper

Mac|Life reader Roland sent us a video of his latest papercraft creation.



Use Roland's template to create your own tiny MacBook Paper. Although, you'll need a papercraft MacBook Air Superdrive to install your favorite papercraft apps.




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What kind of a product announcement is this? We need details! Processor, RAM, the works ...

Also, how did His Stevosity miss announcing this in his recent keynote? Perhaps he couldn't find it in his wallet?

Lots of questions. However, I am happy to divulge that the MB Paper runs a special version of OSX code-named "Kitten"


Steve Jobs

It turns out to be really hard to use the multi-touch gestures on the trackpad. It's too small.



Are you kidding? Like, this is best Mac ever. Nothing anyone else is making is this small and thin. Why I could carry this all day and never break out in a sweat. This is the perfect Mac for my niche and it only costs $2,000. I'm using my MBA for a door stop now...worthless piece of....


Greg Ramsaran

That was funny. I like it. Reminded me of a lego commercial....

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