MacBook Pro Insides Revealed, Why Apple Stock is in the Dumps and iPhone Keyboard Feedback

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MacBook Pro Insides Revealed, Why Apple Stock is in the Dumps and iPhone Keyboard Feedback


MacBook Pro autopsy: Less then 24-hours after its introduction, the MacBook Pro has been ripped apart and photographed for the world to see.


Microsoft fined 3,258,145 Zunes: The EU has fined Microsoft $1.3B for over-charging developers and rivals who want to make products compatible with the Windows operating system.


Unlocked mobile bill: Rep. Ed Markey, (D-Mass.) is sponsoring a draft bill that would require all mobile providers to sell subsidy-free mobile devices to customers. If it passes, it could spell curtains for the iPhone, AT&T exclusive partnership since you could buy the iPhone and use it on any carrier.


Oh, that's why: Wondering why Apple stock is falling? Here are the real reasons.


iPhone tactile feedback: A group of Glasgow PhD students have created a prototype haptic keyboard feedback system for the iPhone. Using vibrating feedback as you type, the system utilizes the iPhone's vibrotactile actuator to create a tactile sensation that simulates buttons and the pressing of said buttons. Hopefully, once the SDK is released this proof-of-concept app will be ready to vibrate your world.


Jay Leno can has iPhone?: Jay Leno has a serious case of iPhone envy. After his guests, Dennis Quad and David Koechner, busted out their iPhones, they wondered why the late night host didn't have one of his own. Jay's response, "If I don't get a free iPhone tomorrow, I'm gonna be pissed!" Who knew NBC paid their hosts so little.


Another week, another lawsuit: A new lawsuit claims that the iPhones call display infringes on 1990 patent.





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imagine engine

Regarding reasons for Apple's stock dropping I'd say it's for a few reasons.

1. Nothing really new in the MacBook Pro. Example no SLI graphics GPU, no Blue-Ray RW drive and no quad core processor.

2. Apple has further delayed the release of a HSPA iPhone even though several competitors have released HSPA GSM all-in-one cellphones (ie: Motorola Q9H).

3. No Blue-Ray RW drive for the iMac line or Mac Pro line.

4. Apple TV cannot compete with current PVR competitor offerings.

5. Apple falsely advertised Leopard's Time Machine could backup over wireless LAN but then pulled that information shortly after releasing the product. Now they are pushing Time Capsule as a solution instead of providing what they promised their paying customers in the first place.

6. Still no finance payment option for Canadian customers on even though competitors Dell and HP do offer financing for Canadian consumers.



About that particular patent infringement...
He must have realized that cell phone companies have been "violating" his patent for at least the last 10 years... why all of a sudden pick on Apple?



He must be a Windows lover.

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