MacBook Survival Kit

MacBook Survival Kit




Enable disk use on your iPod classic or earlier and use it like a USB drive. And sync your iCal events and Address Book contacts with your iPod. With .Mac, you can also use your iPod as a backup destination in the Backup app.


Display Adapter



Plug into a larger display or a projector with a DVI-to-VGA adapter (MacBook Pro), a Mini-DVI-to-DVI adapter (MacBook), or a Mini-DVI-to-VGA adapter (MacBook). All are $19 from Apple.


USB or FireWire External Hard Drive



Let Time Machine do backups on the road. And you can even boot your Mac from a FireWire drive in an emergency. (Shown, LaCie Rugged All-Terrain, $89.99 and up)


Spare Battery



Buy a spare battery ($129, for your MacBook and charge it before you leave the office. Better yet, pick up a TruePower Extended-Life Battery from FastMac ($99.95, and get slightly longer battery life for less money.


MagSafe Airline Power Adapter



Use a MagSafe Airline Adapter ($59, to take advantage of the laptop power jacks in many airline seats.




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Remove 10 screws from MacBook Air then loosen 9 other screws requires a simple Type 0 Phillips head screwdriver - how much more easy can it be to replace a battery?

Move two latches without a tool as is done with all other MacBooks.



It was my understanding that a replacement battery is no longer an essential item. I thought the MacBook Air is the notebook that now makes the replacement battery obsolete.

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