MacBook Survival Kit

MacBook Survival Kit


Kensington lock



You’ll want to lock your MacBook with one of these suckers to prevent theft.


USB Thumb Drive



Keep your most important files on you at all times.


Recovery disc



Bring the thinnest, lightest troubleshooting tool—the Mac OS X Install Disc that came with your notebook. Use it if you have to reinstall the OS or start up from a disc to salvage files. (To start up from the disc, hold down the Option key, and when you’re prompted to select a boot volume, pick the disc.)


International Power Adapter



Grab this all-in-one adapter: Kensington Travel Plug Adapter ($19.99,


For Short Trips near home, Bring...

• Power adapter
• USB thumb drive
• Cable lock
• Internet connectivity cards (if necessary)


Add These for Longer Trips...

• MagSafe Airline Adapter
• USB or FireWire hard drive for backups
• Mac OS X Install Disc
• Display adapter(s)
• Spare charged battery
• International Power Adapter
• iPod




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Remove 10 screws from MacBook Air then loosen 9 other screws requires a simple Type 0 Phillips head screwdriver - how much more easy can it be to replace a battery?

Move two latches without a tool as is done with all other MacBooks.



It was my understanding that a replacement battery is no longer an essential item. I thought the MacBook Air is the notebook that now makes the replacement battery obsolete.

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