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If you're a hardware vendor or software publisher or iOS app developer who wants to connect with the Mac|Life editorial team, please locate the beat below that best fits your product and contact the corresponding beat editor. We'd appreciate it if you didn't spam the other editors or our other general addresses while you're at it. And please, absolutely no inquiries via our personal email addresses or social networking profiles :)



Magazine contact: Chris Hoffman, Managing Editor 


Macs,  iPads, iPods, iPhones, Audio, Mac-friendly Smartphones, Tablets, & Cameras, Bags, Cases, Skins, Storage, Networking, Printers, & Scanners, and Everything elseChris Hoffman, Managing Editor


Audio, Education and Kids, Graphics, Photography, Internet, Communication, Photography, & UtilitiesChris Hoffman, Managing Editor

Mac Games and Entertainment: Andrew Hayward, Contributing Editor

iOS Apps and Games: Andrew Hayward, Contributing Editor

Last update: 11/12/13

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