Mac|Life Leopard Guide

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Mac|Life Leopard Guide


Leopard will be in our excited little hands Friday at 6PM. No more cursing the iPhone because it delayed Leopard's launch. No more wondering if Spaces, Stacks and Time Machine are worth the hoopla. Soon we'll driving the most advanced operating system in the universe.*


Now, before we do something we'll regret later on, let's calm down and plan out our Leopard migration. First we have to get it, then install it, and finally, start arguments about how great or lame it is on your favorite forum. Mac|Life has these helpful hints to help keep you from losing valuable data or worse.





Before you do get all willy nilly on your Mac with Leopard, you're gonna want to backup your stuff. I know, backing up your hard drive is as exciting as watching C-SPAN at 4AM, but if anything goes horribly awry, you'll get a redo. We suggest an entire system backup to an external drive. Carbon Copy Cloner, will clone your entire system, that way, if anything goes wrong, you can do a restore from the external drive.


Application Issues:


Check to see if your favorite application is compatible with the newest version of OS X. This is doubly important if your livelihood depends on your being able to use said applications. Adobe has stated that CS3 hasn't been fully tested on Leopard, so if your paycheck relies on CS3 you might want to wait a few weeks before taking the plunge. FileMaker Pro, is also not ready for Leopard, which is odd, considering it's an Apple program. Check with vendor websites for the latest information concerning their software and Leopard.


IT Dept. Woes:


While your home computer may be rocking the newest versions of your favorite software, your work Mac is a completely different beast. You need to check with your IT department before upgrading. New applications and especially new operating systems need to be fully tested before they are implemented on work machines. Tossing Leopard on your work machine could cause all types of havoc and could brand you as a trouble maker. Don't go crying to IT when you can no longer mount the network drive or check your email after updating your work Mac without their approval.



Pre-Orders Vs. Lines:


Pre-ordering your copy of Leopard might be the smart thing to do, and you may even save some cash, but it's certainly not as fun as standing in line with the Mac faithful. The camaraderie, the stories of the Macs of yesteryear, the sing-a-longs, you won't get that in the mail. Plus, the first 500 guests at the Apple Store will get a free t-shirt. Who doesn't like free clothes?


If you do plan on lining up at the Apple Store for the launch, follow the Mac|Life checklist of items you will need.


• The Plan: The Apple retail stores will be closed from 4-6PM to get ready for the Leopard launch and to, presumably, have all the employees dress up like leopard cubs.
Reading is Fundamental: Stop by the local newsstand and pick up a copy of your favorite magazine. I hear Mac|Life magazine is a good read with tons of great information.
A Buddy: Bring someone to talk to and to hold your place when you have to use the restroom.
• Potty Time: Speaking of restrooms, be sure to have a reliable restroom area. Remember the Apple Store will be closed for two hours, so you will need to find a back-up toilet or bush.
• Game On: If you have a portable gaming device, the Nintendo DS or PSP for example, bring it.


If all goes as planned, by Saturday morning you'll be iChatting with the backdrop of Cylons and unicorns. Well, I know I will be.


*Known universe. Our apologies to any beings with a clearly more advanced operating system that we are unaware of. Please don't destroy our planet.





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Leopard Tips

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