Mac|Life Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mac|Life Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Ever since 1914, when president Woodrow Wilson declared that the second Sunday in May would be a U.S. national holiday in honor of mothers, people have gone nuts trying to pick the perfect present for the moms in their lives. But fret no longer -- whether your mother is a hardcore techie, somewhat tech-savvy, or totally uninterested in the world of bits and bytes -- we’ve found a great gift for her.




Books tend to turn even rabid geeks into luddites -- can anything possibly be as perfect as the standard form factor? But Amazon’s wireless reading device, Kindle, will please even the most paper-addicted reader. The Kindle provides almost instant access to thousands of downloadable titles, delivered wirelessly through Sprint's (EVDO) data network (accessible pretty much everywhere in the US) and there’s no charge for Kindle downloads. New York Times bestseller list books and new releases are just 10 bucks each and mom can also download national/international newspapers and magazines (or subscribe to them), read blogs and load her personal documents onto the device. $399.00, the price includes free two-day shipping


Laptop Bag

No tacky totes for your mom. The coolest laptop bags ever, from sleek envelopes to backpacks, can be found at Acme Made. Prices start at around $100. Toss a matching Acme Made iPod wallet into her new bag while you’re at it for a mere $20.00.





Grab a gift assortment of GelaSkins for Mom’s MacBook, iPhone and/or iPod. The skins are a thin protective covering sporting imagery from an outstanding coterie of contemporary artists. Gelaskins’ removable adhesive technology provides an easy bubble-free application, the scratch resistant coating protects the image until mom is bored, and when she’s ready for a change the Gelaskin slips off with no muss or fuss. There are even matching wallpapers for iPhones. MacBook skins are priced at around $30, and iPod and iPhone skins are around $15.00, so you can afford to be a generous soul and buy a bunch.



Bluetooth Headset

If your mother already has the gift of gab, get her a Bluetooth headset that sounds as great as it looks -- the Aliph Jawbone ($120.00). It eliminates all background noise, automatically adjusts volume levels to the immediate surroundings and enhances audio transmission so mom’s voice always comes in loud and crystal clear.


iPod Speaker Dock

Give mom a place to park her iPod. The Athena iVoice ($70) is a snazzy looking iPod speaker dock with a remote control, and your mother can also use it to view videos or photos from her iPod photo or iPod video on her TV.



Check out the colorful business card cases ($30.00), coasters ($25.00), and/or photo albums ($30) from the aptly named Motherboard, a company that makes crafty goodies from recycled circuit boards. Geeky and green -- all in one gift!



Wireless SD Card

If your mother has issues with simple tech chores like transferring photos from her camera to a computer and backing up her images, get her an Eye-Fi. This memory card stores 2GB worth of pictures, and uploads them to a computer (and to Flickr, Picasa or 14 other photo storage services) wirelessly and automatically. You’ll need to set up the system, establishing what photo storage service and computer are the upload recipients. You also choose whether you want images to be publicly viewable or private online -- or whether you’d rather just upload them only to mom’s own computer. Once it’s all set up, Eye-Fi automatically transfers photos to the selected service/computer whenever the camera is idle and within range of the designated wireless networks. $99 from Photo Jojo or $129.00 for two cards.


Pocket Photo Album

If mom would prefer a portable way to show off family pictures, the Digital Foci Pocket Album is a gentle introduction to the joys of technology. The 2.2" x 1.6" x 0.5" album fits onto a keychain and weighs only 1.2 oz. The album holds up to 74 digital photos and your mother can scroll through the photos manually or watch an automatic slideshow. The accompanying software makes it easy to resize images to store in the album, but if your mother really fears and loathes technology preload a selection of family snapshots before you give it to her.


Custom Photo Book
Maybe forgo the whole digital photo album and revert to the classic standby, the photo book. Apple is offering their iPhoto photo books for 20% off if you order by May 11. Gather all your mom-friendly photos in iPhoto -- most college images would be disqualified -- and create a photo album your mom would be proud to display on her coffee table.



So your mother is a truly devoted denizen of the dark ages? Then it’s probably best to abandon any hope of getting her a gift that has anything whatsoever to do with tech, and go for good old flowers. But not just any flowers -- look at the tropical blooms from HawaiiMagic, live exotic plants at Calyx or the orchids at ProFlower.




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You're looking for the best gift for mom... Why not and e-reader?
You can buy her the Kindle 2 for $259 or the bigger Kindle DX for $489.



My mother has her own business so for mothers day i bought her a few hundred promotional gifts so she can give out and get more leads and customers, she was so excited about them and didn't expect to receive something like that on mothers day.

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