Macs are Cheaper, UK iPhone Sales Info and Phase Groove Game

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Macs are Cheaper, UK iPhone Sales Info and Phase Groove Game


Macs are cheaper: Using one of those new fangled calculators and the science of maths, Salon puts the Macs are more expensive myth to the test. The resale value argument is interesting and worth forwarding to all your PC loving friends.


UK iPhone sale info: The iPhone will go on sale this Friday November 9th at 6:02 PM (the first two minutes are for a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen). The phone will be available at O2, Carphone Warehouse and, of course, The Apple Store.


Take that Vista: Computerworld crowns its new OS king.


iSuit: A Florida man accuses Apple of monopolistic practices with its integration of the iPod and the iTunes Store. Claiming once his iPod breaks he will not be able to transfer his music to another music player and is forced to purchase another iPod. He could just burn the music to a CD and use one of the hundreds of CD players on the market, but I digress.


Goodbye MSN Messenger: True story, I didn't even know they still made this for the Mac. Well, now its leaving and it's replacement is supposed to totally rock.


Google gas: In its quest to keep guys from ever having to ask for directions again, Google is planning on adding Google maps to gas pumps. Thank you Google, the Mac|Life guys salute you.


Radiohead album monies: Radiohead's experiment in online sales paid off. How much did you give them for In Rainbows?


Phase game: If your chomping at the bit to play Guitar Hero 3 on the Mac, here is something to help pass the time. Harmonix and MTV Games, makers of GH3, released the interactive music game Phase on the iTunes Store.


And finally: The tattooed Zune guy has decided that he wants to change his name to, wait for it, Microsoft Zune. In the spirit of name change, the Mac|Life staff has decided to change all of its middle names to Danger.



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Look, I like Macs well enough and all but... that article doesn't do much to convince me they're cheaper. Sure, they're cheaper if you buy certain models, compared to other models and, well, there's the kicker, sell them for top dollar on eBay every year.

No home consumers who are concerned about the price of a computer are going to sell it in a year. Enthusiast types might, but then Macs look even worse. Comparing a $2500 Dell XPS to a Mac Pro for anything other than, say, video encoding, comes out with the Mac Pro looking rather meager.

Macs are good machines... I just wish people would stop trying to convince me that they're cheap.


Macs Still More Expensive

Higher Mac resale value does nothing for making the case that Macs are cheaper than PCs.

PCs ARE more cheaper and have more functionality. A one year old used PC is significantly more cheaper than a Mac.

The deal with the article is you must change your computer every year, but every time you do this, you're sinking a lot of money into Macs and hoping someone will pay top dollar for your used Mac. It doesn't work in the real world.

Using eBay is a risk. Another consideration.


North Dakotan

Woo! Someone referenced North Dakota! (I'm from Grand Forks (We were the place in the movie. (Not Fargo (That's the movie I'm talking about. (Could this be any more parenthesis‽ (That's an interrobang (Those are used for rhetorical questions)))))))



Whoops, sorry. That comment was intended for the "itunes DVD a no go" tip of the day


David Willmore

Did anyone think to consider that maybe iPhone (which is serviced by O2) in England might be going on sale at 6...O2-a tribute to the service provider?


Roberto Baldwin

That thought never even crossed my mind. You sir, are a genius.


Clifford Michel

Don't people already have that on there cell phones??


Michael Dunlop

the Google maps thing sounds cool until you think about all the ppl using it and how much longer you will have to wait in line at busy stations....



Good point, Mr. Dunlop.

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