Macs on the Rise, Nike and Apple Running Suit and Robot Love

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Macs on the Rise, Nike and Apple Running Suit and Robot Love


More Macs surfing the Web: According to market researcher Net Applications, Web shares of Mac computers have risen to 6.6 percent, a 40 percent increase from a year ago.


Running Suit: A Utah athletic company has brought suit against Nike and Apple, claiming Nike stole its technology for measuring locomotive performance parameters. The technology in question is utilized in the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.


notMac Challenge: The challenge to produce a free method that duplicates Apple's .Mac service, has come to an end with developer Ben Spinks taking home the prize. If you're interested in saving some cash, try the service out yourself and tell us what you think.


Closed iPhone gets called out: Apple's closed iPhone has become fodder for mobile competitors. Nokia's new website touts the openness of its phones, "We believe the best devices have no limits. That's why we've left the Nokia NSeries open. Open to applications. Open to Widgets. Open to anything." Burn!

Meanwhile, speculation that Apple will move to X86 chips for future iPhones is being touted as the reason for its closed system. The current ARM chip architechture and future X86 architechture are incompatible in terms of software.


Bricked iPhones kinda fixed: While phone service is still a while off, hackers have recovered the Wi-Fi and multimedia capabilities of bricked iPhones. Removing the 1.1.1 update is the next step to full iPhone phone service.


Robot love: Humans are already being recruited by robots for the inevitable robot/zombie war. Studies show that some owners of the Roomba robotic vacuum, are emotionally invested in the vacuum's well being. Giving robots names and assigning a gender, it's only a matter of time before we're cleaning up their apartments.




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i downloaded the notmac thing. I couldn't get it to work though. I believe it is because I am at a college that has a has as strict proxy, and that port is blocked. I can't wait to try it out at home! does anyone know if there is any way to get around the proxy (for normal web browsing and email service) using the proxy settings in system preferences? Or is that Impossible?

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