Madonna with iPod, NBC Finds New Home with Amazon and Rick Rubin Says Subscriptions Are the Answer

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Madonna with iPod, NBC Finds New Home with Amazon and Rick Rubin Says Subscriptions Are the Answer

Like a Prayer: In the wonderful world of pre-Apple event speculation, anything is possible. For example, while most folks are debating the chances of HD iPods with OS X and WiFi, a leaked Madonna song entitled "The Beat Goes On" has some people wondering if maybe Madonna will be the very special guest at the Moscone Center today. So will the Material Girl be shilling new iPods with Steve? Check back with Mac|Life for all your Apple event news today.


NBC rebounds with Amazon: After a very public PR catfight with Apple allegedly over the pricing model of the iTunes music store, NBC is already in bed with Amazon and its Unbox service for the upcoming season. "Battlestar Galactica" fans can rest easy knowing their beloved Cylons will still be available.


Subscribed to ill: Super producer, co-head of Columbia Records and ZZ Top look alike, Rick Rubin, believes that subscriptions are the future of the music industry and the iPod will be obsolete. Judging by the frenzy concerning new iPods, that prediction might be a long way off.


AT&T unveils parental controls: If you're concerned that your kid might be surfing adult sites with their new iPhone, AT&T has come to your paranoid rescue. AT&T's new Smart Limits for Wireless is a web based service that allows parents to set usage limits on talk time, text messages, instant messages, downloads and restrict access to mobile websites.




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seriously? i get cought downloading free ipod downloads and no one cares, but since its madona everyones all O_o

jk :P



How strange it will look when people saw Madona doing Ipod downloads rather than watching football games.


Jon Phillips, you boss's boss

Funny photoshop hack of madonna and steve, robbie!

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