Magnifico Plus: First Look

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Magnifico Plus: First Look

If you find yourself squinting to see the small LCDs on handheld devices like iPods, PDAs, and GPS units, the Magnifico Plus can magnify the screen and ease the strain on your eyes. But if you don't fit into that segment of the population, you won't have much use for it - and even if you do, you may balk at spending $50 on what's essentially a hands-free magnifying glass.


The package includes the Magnifico Plus, large strips of Velcro (enough for a few devices), and instructions.


The Magnifico Plus consists of a flat metal base and a pivoting U-shaped metal piece that holds a 2.5x magnifying lens measuring 4.25 by 2.5 inches.


The metal base plate has four holes that we guess could be used to mount the Magnifico to a flat surface (the company's website recommends the Magnifico for "office/travel, airplanes, boats, and RVs") but the instructions also warn users not to leave the unit in direct sunlight because of the magnifying glass, so be careful there. Then again, the company also touts the Magnifico's portability, so maybe the holes aren't really meant for mounting after all - no mounting hardware is included.


A large strip of strong Velcro is included, with the instructions to attach some to the back of your device, and some to the metal base plate, so your device doesn't slide away. But if, like us, you cringe at the notion of attaching Velcro to the back of your precious 'Pod, you could always put the Velcro on the outside of an iPod case. But with no Velcro at all, your iPod simply won't stay put.


The gold pieces supporting the lens slide up and down, and both the lens and metal arms can pivot. This lets you get the best angle for viewing your device's screen.


The Magnifico Plus is easy to adjust: The gold-colored pieces that hold the lens can slide up and down on the metal arms, and both the lens and the arm assembly can pivot to any angle. If the arms ever become too loose to stay where you want them, a small screw on the back lets you adjust the tension.


Basically, it does what it says it will do, and it seems like a sturdy product that wouldn't fall apart (the thick plastic lens would be really hard to scratch or break). If you've ever wished your iPod's screen was up to 2.5 times bigger, this can make that happen - but then again, so can a pair of reading glasses.


I wasn't blown away by the magnification level, but as promised, the screen does appear bigger.


The Magnifico Plus is available from Office On The Go Go for $49.99.


Things to consider:
> Magnifies the screen on your iPod, PDA, GPS, etc.
> Expensive at $49.99
> Requires the use of Velcro to keep handheld devices in place




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My Dad could use this, he wears glasses but still can not read his ipod. He is using a mag glass at the moment but this would be more convenient. There might be one around that is less expensive.



Amen Brother. This has to be a joke.



Hello people! If you need something like this what you probably might find more practical is something called "BI-FOCALS"! Now-a-days we call them glasses! They do just that, they magnify the world around you...and you don't even need velcro! You wear them in front of your eyes, and they hang from your ears so you don't even need to hold them up with your hands! It should work great. Try it out. Of course you may spend more than 50 dollars so be prepared for that.

+No velcro needed
+More Practical
+Not Retarded

-May cost more

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