Make (and Use) Your Own Green Screen

Make (and Use) Your Own Green Screen

3. Hack Away


Measure out on the pipes the lengths you need and mark where to cut with a permanent marker. With a hacksaw, cut your PVC to the lengths listed on your schematic. Connect your trimmed pipes with the connectors to create the screen and the legs (use the two L-shaped connectors on the top corners, and two T-connectors for each side of the bottom of the green area), and then attach the four leg supports to the legs with the two remaining T-connectors.


Now that your frame is complete, lay out your green cloth, which should be a bit larger than your frame’s green area, and attach one side of six 2-inch strips of Velcro to it - three on the top and three on the bottom. If your fabric is wrinkled or creased, toss it in the dryer for a bit, or iron it on a low enough setting so as to not burn it. Then take the other side of the Velcro strips and attach them directly to the PVC, equally spaced on the top and bottom of the green area of your frame. Attach the fabric to the frame, and tighten by rotating the top and bottom pipes away from the middle.


Saw away from yourself, and use a clamp to steady the pipe, if possible. (Your body weight works too.) Safety goggles might be nice too.






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Jim Lewis

Cheaper still, buy a couple of green dollar store tablecloths.



Or a Lybian flag.


Geek lover

Great how-to, Brian -- and (blushblushblush) you geeks are sexy (check out Roman sometime, eh).

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