Make (and Use) Your Own Green Screen

Make (and Use) Your Own Green Screen

6. Now for the Weather (or Not)

Now comes the fun part: placing your subject in a different locale. Having picked your source image or footage to use in the backdrop, drag it into Final Cut to import it into the Browser window. From there, drag the background clip or image into the Timeline in the first layer (the V1/A1A2 layer) and drag the edges of the footage to fit the size of your green-screened clip.


To tweak the size and location of your background to make sure it fills the screen, double-click the background in the Timeline and set the Scale and Origin accordingly. With your background in place, try playing back your footage to see how the subject looks on the background. If you’re using Final Cut Pro, you can drag the 3-Way Color Corrector from the Video Filters onto either your source footage or the background, and adjust accordingly to match the footage, making them blend more smoothly.


With a different background, it's easy to create an action scene.






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Jim Lewis

Cheaper still, buy a couple of green dollar store tablecloths.



Or a Lybian flag.


Geek lover

Great how-to, Brian -- and (blushblushblush) you geeks are sexy (check out Roman sometime, eh).

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