Make Your Own TV Show!

Make Your Own TV Show!


3. Distribute it

Once your show is in the can, it’s time to show it to the world. Don’t worry about renting out your local theater—the Web is the biggest movie house on the planet. Let’s take a look at some of the sites you’ll probably consider for hosting your video—it’s a lot cheaper than paying for the kind of bandwidth that video files soak up, which can be considerable with longer productions. The nice part about all these sites (and the ones that we’re not including here): You don’t have to choose just one, you can use them all without worrying about possessive, egotistical agents.



Pros: It’s the most popular video-hosting site around, and it’s got Google’s deep pockets and technical know-how to keep it at the forefront of the online video revolution for the foreseeable future. If you want to get the largest exposure for your movie, YouTube is the main game in town, with the most straightforward interface and amenities. There are also tools that allow you to subscribe to your favorite filmmakers or posters, so that your fans will automatically know when you upload the latest installment of your sitcom.


Cons: The overall video and audio quality is some of the worst we’ve seen, which will make a big difference in the impact that your finished film will have on a potential audience. Maximum video length is 10 minutes. The feedback system is infamous for its often-horrid commentary—bordering on psychotic—so much so that many folks disable the comments section for the videos altogether.



Pros: iFilm has the distinction of being the first website to pioneer the world of online movies. It’s primarily geared toward the professional video crowd, with the best overall video and audio quality we’ve seen and heard on the Web. It’s often the place where Hollywood producers do their first tier of online talent recruiting, and offers an overall quality of experience higher than other sites. iFilm will even accept DV, Beta tape, or just about any other physical format (up to 45 minutes long), and will do the encoding for you, ensuring the best possible quality.


Cons: Be prepared to prove that you have legitimate music rights (or original tunes). iFilm uses the Flash video format exclusively, so forget about iPhone compatibility (for now). Like the Mac itself, these guys don’t have the largest viewer base, but on the upside, they may have the most upscale

audience on the Net.



Pros: Revver was the very first video-sharing website that offered something more than exposure—if you qualify, your video can make you some money via an interesting ad revenue-sharing scheme. If your film gets some play, you get some pay: 40 percent of the advertising income generated by your video goes into your PayPal account. You can also set the playback window size for your video to be larger than on any of the other sites, which is great for anyone who wants to shoot in HD and make the biggest impact. There’s no time limit, but vids must be under 100MB. Revver also does QuickTime and Flash, so it’s good to go in the Apple universe and everywhere else.


Cons: These guys seem to have a bit of a problem getting exposure for their site, which is not surprising, as it seems that everyone is competing with YouTube. That’s a treacherous game to play, much less win.



Pros: Another site that can generate profits is Metacafe. A relatively recent newcomer, it’s got a unique payment scheme—you get money for the number of times your video is viewed. 1,000 views are worth $5, and you get your first $100 chunk at 20,000 views; a million views will buy you a nicely loaded Mac Pro tower. The site also offers a plethora of useful production tips and tutorials, and video quality is a touch better than YouTube’s.


Cons: To make money, your video has to be approved to be part of the site’s cryptic Producer Awards system, so not just any old home movie can become a cash cow. Audio is OK but nothing to write home about, and it’s all Flash video format. Worst of all, its paltry 8-minute time limit is the shortest of the bunch.




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"You can also switch down to 1280x720, if you want to work in standard definition."

WOW, that's some pretty high resolution standard def.


1280x720 is high definition video...


David Biedny

Indeed, that should read 720p Hi-Def, thanks for pointing out the error.

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